The Homegrown Four

Jaylen, Khalen, Moody and Moore. Insiders what do you think our chances are with each of these guys?

I would say two out of four or three out of four. Lord knows it’s fluid.

Most likely, least likely?

Not insider, but in my honest opinion, most likely to least likely:


Not that I have any insight, but I’ve kind of thought we have a better shot at Moody than Moore.


I would think two or three out of four most likely as well, but also don’t rule out getting zero or getting all four

Seems Dudley agrees with you


Do these 4 guys have a strong relationship as a group, or is it just individual relations?

It would be great for all four to say together…lets do the NBA thing and bring our talents to The Hill and take this program to a new level and go win a championship.

They are friends, but I think only Moody may have the pull/power to bring the other three

Does Moody have the power to bring along maybe an out of stater or 2?

You left out just one option. One out of four. You may have nailed it by leaving that option out.:smile:

That is exactly what Gafford, Hall and Garland tried to do. And after that Joe, Henderson and Sills tried to do.

Simply a guess - not to Arkansas.

I left that out because I think it is the least likely option.

I agree with my boy DD’s take here.

In keeping with the theme of these 4 players, knowing RD and DD can’t respond, if you could have only one, who would your pick be?

Mine would be Moore, mainly because of these recent years without an SEC PF with scoring, rebounding, and passing abilities down low. I also believe Moore could be to Arkansas what Grant Williams was to TN.

Williams - two reasons - 1. I’m not as sold on Vanover as some others on here. I believe his strengths could end up being a major weakness (I know that sounds funny) for AR, but Williams size and skill set (playing at the 4, while Vanover is the 5) would make Connor’s strengths a strength, and if Connor is taking a break, Williams can slide into the five role with either Chaney or Henderson and be a factor. 2. In my opinion he has more upside that the other 3, and he’s improving.

Moody is declining (per 247 and Rivals anyways), Robinson is rising and I would love to see how he develops. I will say that I believe Moore maybe the most intriguing. I think he’s undersized for a PF, but so was Barkley

Hopefully Moody wouldn’t use that pull/power to take the other 3 elsewhere.
However I think Williams is most likely AR bound regardless. Hope so anyway.

You got your bases covered on this one Dudley… :lol: :lol: