The Holmes play

I can’t get over what a great individual sequence that was by Jonathan Holmes at the end. In a matter of seconds he deflected a pass, fell to the floor to get the ball, made a pass from his back in traffic, got to his feet and made a long 3.

Walk-ons typically make teams because of how much effort they show. That was a great glimpse at why he is on the roster.

The arena went nuts on this play. Watch the press table. Even Chuck Barrett threw up his arms.

And his team mobbed him after the buzzer. I think Macon was the first one there. This team appears to care of each other a lot. Love it.

That was really cool but I liked the Hall dunk even better…the camera angle allows you to see the bench start to explode even before the play is finished.

I won a taco on a bet that we would score over 100. i woke up the neighbors watching that shot at home :lol: :lol: :lol:

That is what effort is all about. The seal and pass out shows just pure want to. The shot was just icing on the cake.