The Hogs & War Memorial Stadium

The contract for having the Hogs play at War Memorial had an attendance clause, didn’t it? I’m sure the attendance yesterday didn’t reach that threshold. Does that mean the contract is voided?

The contract IIRC looks at averages through the end of the deal. But yesterday definitely didn’t help. It should be noted that Yurachek may not be interested in enforcing that provision; he may not be as keen on getting out of Little Rock as Jeff Long was.

There was a benchmark, but I don’t think I would call it a clause in the contract. The benchmark was for there to be 47,000 tickets sold each year, and a ticket revenue beginning with $2.1 million, stair stepping to $2.5 million by 2023.

The contract states that if the benchmarks aren’t met, it will initiate a 60-day review of why ticket sales were low and what are going to be best measures moving forward. I think we all know why ticket sales were low this year.

I live outside the state and haven’t been to a WMS game in years.

Was there a clause or benchmark to remove or upgrade the old pee troughs in the Men’s bathrooms?

Sorry I could not resist.

Loved that stadium as a kid but not exactly the mecca of modern big time D1 seriousness anymore.

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