The Hogs Lost One SEC Game at Home

I went to one SEC game this year. Yep, you guessed it. One in the same. I promise to not go to any of the NCAA games to prevent another loss.

It was also the only Thursday home game of the year.

Don’t feel bad I was there for the loss as well! But to have 1 home loss in conference play is unreal! Hanging onto to Top 8 seed should really help the hogs!
It would be nice to see the hogs in Omaha raining the trophy and beating those Gators.

Thanks for taking one for the team, Colorado. Wish you’d have stayed away from that one, too. We could use that 2-game lead over Ole Miss right now. Might even be a bit higher in the seeding potential. But going in you couldn’t have known what you cost us. We’ll forgive you, but keep that promise to stay away for the rest of the season. You can start all over next year. See how it goes from there.

just incredible!! just keep it going in regionals!