The Hogs are not a smart football team

The simple mistakes that they keep making over and over - not athletic and not smart. What a mess

It will all be over in a few days. Thankfully.

I wonder if Lane Kiffin is watching his prospective team tonight?

We run like we are in mud or slow motion. No speed on defense. None. None of those guys can run.

KJ is a hundred miles from being an SEC QB. He has no passing ability at all. Chandler Morris is much better even at this stage.

That. Goes back to coaching

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Yeah. I was really looking forward to that passing combination of Chandler Morris to Lonnie Davis.

Might be bad enough to get a coach fired.

Nothing to be gleaned from this or the last game. Coaches with the exception of BLJ are not even participating, and these players have literally seen the entire year of 2019 flushed down the proverbial toilet.

I didn’t realize he’s played in an sec game?