The Hog Pen experience

I spent some time in the Hog Pen last night. Unique experience. Here is a feature on the evening: … xperience/

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Wonder who that Rogers school teacher was? :smiley:

Yes, that was Sarah Henry. My daughter is hard core when it comes to baseball.

I suspected as much. Might not have been so hardcore if she’d had to chase kids this morning.

Baum Stadium and Fayetteville all made a bunch of money in brand value during this regional. The announcers were enamored with us and other ESPN personalities stated very positive things as well. The crowd shots were amazing and impressive. The hog pen was impressive on TV.

If a recruit was watching this regional then they came away with much more respect for our Hogs.

It was a great atmosphere for college baseball. There is little doubt that what the fans did in the rain delay – Sunday night and Monday morning – was impressive. Everyone around the country that knows college baseball recognized that the Arkansas fans were special. That will be used in recruiting, no doubt.