The hidden gems

Boys, I gotta say this: the biggest steal of the year is getting wr Peyton Ausley as a PWO out of Austin, Tx. IMO this kid will end being a five-star player. He will end up being at least 6-4, and more than 200 pounds. He can run and God knows you won’t have to teach him how to catch the ball. Those Ausleys have been catching passes in South Texas for years. Stay tuned for more.

I hope you are right and thanks for the insight. Even if he just turns out to be another Drew Morgan type, I’ll take it. I love the 6’ 3" or more receivers and glad that Coach Morris mentioned he desires the same.

Catches the ball well… Did he have any of the smaller schools offer him in TX?

JJ, anyone not making an offer to this guy was being negligent at least.

I agree he will be a star. Couldn’t believe he wasn’t heavily recruited. A great get!

That’s what I’m talking about! Hidden Gem National Champs! Left Lane Hide 'Em Down!

#Hiddenfast #Razorgem


Instead of throwing shade you should be greatful these kids want to be a part of something on their own dime.

Arkansas fans more than any should understand what a walk on is capable of.

Brandon Burlsworth…

I’m glad they are coming, and like the op said, maybe they really are completely under recruited.

Damn man. Negative today? Totally different persona from here to basketball board?