The Haydens and Real Deal

Aaron Hayden has coached youth BB for more than 15 years and has had teams in Real Deal on the Hill and Real Deal in the Rock for about 11 years.

He coached Chase and they played in Bill Ingram’s tourney and he now coaches his son Dallan and he has another son Cullen, who’s seven.

Hayden, Dallan and the Memphis War Eagles won the 13-under championship at Real Deal last year. They’re now with M33M and will be competing in the 14-under age group this weekend. Aaron will try and catch the Red-White game too.

Look out for Dallan. He has a chance to be a highly recruited RB too. He’s bigger than Chase and is more like his dad. He’ll probably be on the 6-2, 220 range as a senior.

He looks much more physically mature than others his age.

Think we might have any inside chance at him? :slight_smile:

lots and lots of visits, since Chase should not have a neck injury retirement them maybe so. New regime in TN also, Memphis is valid and AL tentacles are everywhere in Memphis. I don’t get the focus on pipelines and families making for automatics, each and every kid today has their own heartfelt reason for doing what they want (choosing school) that reason knows nothing of. … ut-memphis

Nashville is a little more impressive for total talent right now, but individuals are all we can recruit so I hope Dallan finds success in the Real Deal and Arkansas reaps the benefit.