The Hardest Week

I think this will be the hardest week Coach Morris has had to deal with this year from a team psyche standpoint.

It’s obvious he’d sold the team leaders - and team overall - on last night being the start of a “new season” with a clean slate and chance to flip the script and still make it to a bowl game. The result? More heartbreak coupled with the loss of your starting QB, stud TB, and second best TB… wow.

Tulsa is also coming off a heartbreaking last minute loss, but beating Arkansas in Fayetteville would be huge to them. They will have no problem being ready to play.

But, how about Arkansas? Morris has said if you keep chopping wood hitting the same spot the tree will eventually fall and he’s right. However, I’ve observed most human beings without success will eventually drop the axe in frustration. I worry that may happen here.

Morris has a huge job in front of him this week given the heartbreaking fashion of the loss coupled with the injuries to Ty, Rakeem, Devwah, first half loss of Pulley.