The hand writing on the wall for this season...............

…was when a true freshman, walk-on, won the starting right guard position before Bielema’s last season. That screamed that there were huge recruiting shortfalls in the previous 2-3 classes. A player that, at best, might develop into a decent college player with 2-3 years of hard work in the weight room + learning how to play on the scout team for a couple of years, was shoved into a starting role way too soon in his career. The fact that he was the best choice at that position speaks volumes about the state of the program. The foundation of Bielema’s offensive system, which had to be a seasoned, strong, powerful, offensive line, was in terrible shape. That is the fundamental, but certainly not only, problem with the program’s failures in the last two years. Not only were they often defeated, one on one, repeatedly this season, but they consistently, even in the last game, totally missed blocks letting even defensive linemen fly through untouched to sack our QB. Not just blitzing linebackers or corners they failed to pick up, but the lineman on their nose. I did not see this kind of “mis-communication” or confusion on the videos of SMU during this staffs tenure so I do not think this is just bad coaching. This offensive line two deep was weak last year and it did not improve but seemed to regress this year. If this team does not get instant help from the JC ranks in this class, next year is going to be very shaky. I don’t care how much improvement in our current skill position players occurs or how much new talent is brought in, if we don’t get a huge improvement in the offensive line, they are going to be running for their lives. JMVVVVHO

The handwriting on the wall for me was the willingness to pay the previous coach a trillion dollars to please leave.

My hand writing was before yours, but you are right also.

I realized those things as well, the recruiting misses, and obviously last seasons performance was a given as well that things were not good, (insert here my previous response) I didn’t know we were going for first.

I’ve been thinking the same thing Hogmodo. I did a double take when I saw him lined up in the first game last year.

Very telling. Very bad.