The guys from CBS have a take on the SEC

and it will likely stir some emotion around these parts. … continues/

I’m over the Brand (and his brother), and he’ll be gone in a year anyway. Good to see one of the CBS guys picked us as high as fourth in the league race.


Thanks for sharing link. I didn’t know CBS had made their projections yet. Their assessment of Arkansas this year is very fair, although our road woes have been gone for a couple of years now, CMA has shown if he has a good team he has no trouble of winning on the road. Not sure why people keep bringing that up when you have teams in the conference that can’t win at home or on the road lol.

Also, I agree with them I think the 22-23 wins is the number for us to make the tournament his year. Anything less than 11-2 in non-conference would be a disappointment IMO. We should win all the home games, and we gotta get 1 of the away games between Minn, TX, and OK St, considering 2 of them aren’t suppose to be very good this year.

Can’t believe they did much analysis of the SEC. Some of those guys have Vanderbilt rated high. Vandy is going to be a second-division team. We actually play them twice this season. They also have home-and-home games against Kentucky, Florida, Texas A&M. That’s eight games in which Vandy would be lucky to come away with one or two wins, tops. They are looking at starting either Riley LaChance or Payton Willis (from Fayetteville) at point guard. They have some shooters and a shotblocker at center, but nobody who can drive with the basketball at all.