The guy who hit the game winner for SDSU last night

Lamont Butler, is the same guy who turned it over against us, allowing us to force overtime in Maui. Since then he’s hit two buzzer-beaters to win, but The Athletic reports that turnover against our double-team still bothers him.

Is it me or did that last second shot somewhat resemble the one Coach Smart hit to win it all for Indiana……just on the opposite side of the floor. Butlers form looked a lot like Coaches.

I remember that. I was counting that game as a loss until then.

And who made that steal for us (right in front of me). None other than TB. He just dove in and took the ball away. We will have that again next year!


Being objective, since their Maui loss to us, SDSU is enjoying the last laugh on us. They made it to the Final. Good for them. I guess they’re not “losers” after all (pun intended).
UA…Campus of Champions

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Nate Oats’ head just exploded wondering why a player would spend a whole summer working on a mid-range game.
Still gives me joy that they sent him to the house.

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SDSU has been quite impressive in their run. I much prefer Alabama’s style of play over SDSU’s, but it was really impressive how they smothered Bama on the perimeter. They did not let Brandon Miller breathe, without giving up open shots to others. You got to appreciate that,

Great smothering defense. In the last ten minutes of that game, it seemed SDS got 98% of the 50/50 loose balls. Their focus and intensity will likely lead to a close final.

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