The GS was huge

It’s nice to have gotten the bases cleared after stranding so many runners lately. However, I notice we’re getting high into Pilkington’s pitch count. If he’s their ace, I feel good right now.

That works for me!

Uh oh. Their 3 run HR suddenly changes things. We need some more runs.

Look at what lead to the 3 run Homer.
Bunt single, walk and then the homer!
No defense can be played on a walk!

We do need some more runs.

We can’t even get a bat on the ball against this reliever. I don’t like what I’m seeing now

We light the starter up for 5 runs, get him out of the game, and can’t touch this reliever?? Whif, whif, whif, whif!

Cronin is a stud!!

Man, we are looking silly at the plate!

France looks like he’s throwing Whiffle Ball. The ball is moving everywhere.

All of a sudden they have great offense & we can’t do a thing. Talk about an awful turnaround. Maybe we can get a miracle & have a bit T9

Thus guy has faced 10 batters and struck out 9!!