The grief this coach has endured through the years

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He must be married. :smirk:

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Good thing he doesn’t coach women’s sports.

What’s so funny about “Casey”? Is KC their Chief complaint?

that’s a name you just have to change.

go to the county courthouse, apologize to grandpa, but then change it. to something else. anything.


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Agree HH.

The guy has to be traumatized.

Just drop the Y and he’s good to go.

I worked with a female reporter in Conway named Dixie Land. And photographer in Tulsa named Rabbit Hare. Why do parents do that?

there was a quarterback back in the 70’s at UC Berkley I believe whose name was Golden Rule.

Surely those were nicknames. Especially “Rabbit.” (I did know a Richard Head once)

That’s a good idea. It’s not terribly unusual for a surname to get changed over the years. Lot’s of immigrants Americanized or changed their European surnames when they got here.

And I’ve talked to hundreds of tech support people in India whose names are “Charlie” (or if by sound “Cholly”) or some such good ol’ boy name. :grinning:

Did they promise to repair your computer? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Used to be Coach in NFL (Miami maybe).In the 70’s
Name was Harry Peter.

Unfortunately, they were NOT nicknames. Rabbit’s sister was named Bunny. Can’t make this stuff up.


And I thought Happy Feller was a terrible name to give your kid…


Some of us are old enough and traumatized enough to remember who Happy Feller is. However, Happy is indeed a nickname.

Great to know that it was only a nickname.