The great state of Arkansas

I submit to you today that half (maybe ¾) of the state of Arkansas will not be wearing all green but Razorback Red. Even the old timers like me, will be telling stories of knowing JWill from my hometown of Ft. Smith, Northside and telling magical stories.

O I wish I had Clay’s (or others) ability to write. I could write even more stories than the young man who wrote so many back a few years. The young man that wrote and was challenged by HI in his essays and storytelling. Here once again I can’t paint you a very good picture. I have tried for hours to figure out how to tell a story to HI.

No matter the ratings of our game with Vermont it will not reflect the viewership of the great state of Arkansas. The pride will be inflated or once again deflated. We sure could use a couple of victories to spit in the face of the naysayers.

For almost 30 years we (the state) has been waiting for the glory days back again. Having season ticket for 35 years sure is a lot of BB games. My mother bless her soul will be watching from above thinking of the trip I took her in 1994 to watch our hogs play in some of the best 2 seats in BWA. Ask Jean Ann and she could tell you about my seats. Ask Brenda’s grandson who was at many years ago to watch our hogs play KY. To this day he talks about that game and the Razorbacks.

No Matter the place or State, in Vermont or Buffalo New York all that is needed is some Razorback gear or the Phrase “How about those Hogs”


Got a new pair of red underwear on, Mike. My old lucky pair finally disintegrated, lol. Go Hogs!

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Jeremy many will crossing their fingers, buying new stuff. All in the name of luck. Yes I am superstitious and have hats etc to cheer on the hogs. Many will say this state is all about FB. But I think in the 90"s Arkansas Basket was in the conservation of “maybe one of the blue bloods”. The Arkansas Razorbacks! Maybe FB was king but a lot of tickets and finger crossing was going on in the 90’s.

Let me add jeremy that is a true Razorback in telling about your Razorback wardrobe. WPS!!

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That person was Seattlehog or Seattleslew or something like that. He could write very well…

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Speaking of superstitious. I have worn my red razorbacks sweatpants for almost every game this year. There were at least 3 games I did not have them on. The three I remember I did not have them on were: Hofstra, Vanderbilt and then Texas AM in the tourney.

I will be proudly wearing them tonight… My wife would be happy if I lost them (Or she helped me lose them), but not going to happen until we win another Natty…

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Better keep those red sweatpants. And Jeremy’s underwear.

Keep those thoughts, stories, superstitions coming.

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We win tonight going away.

NOTE this is just the beginning folks.

It’s what I have been waiting for 68 years and counting. FB, BB, and baseball O Mercy!

Ya think?

BTW what has happened to ronpad (sp)? I liked his post’s, very well thought out man!!

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