The good, the bad, and the ugly................................

The good: Help is on the way and more may be coming: Best wide receiver class in America just got the best tight end recruit in America and the defensive end & defensive line group as a whole may be better than the receivers. A true RPO QB plus speedy cornerbacks/safeties are also in the class. It needs some great Offensive line, linebacker, and elite kicking recruits to be a complete class. They appear to be working very hard (harder than any staff in decades) to finish strong in recruiting. Despite the losses piling up, the team has not quit, so far.

The bad: We are finally sorta healthy in the offensive line and we are still struggling there. Starting with failing to find a center who can snap consistently in the shotgun formation to each player taking turns getting beat one-on-one, repeatedly, this line hamstrings our offense (execution and play calling) and our QB’s and receivers need all the help they can get.

The ugly: This Saturday may be our last chance for a win this year and we have a rash of injuries. There are leaders playing hard on this team but there is a growing group of players who, mentally, seem already headed elsewhere (transfer, pros, or just quitting football). Beginning early last year when the projected starter at center chose to not come back, we have had a returning cornerback starter walk away from football, we have the receiver with the top speed on the team refusing to play the slot position and disappearing on the depth chart at the wideout position, and we have our best player on defense melting down and getting kicked out of our latest loss. If the leaders on this team and the fans don’t stay strong, it can get even more ugly real fast.


Arkansas has lost three centers in the last year - Ragnow, Rogers and Hays. Clary struggles a lot there, both in snapping and in protection. He can improve throughout the season, but that’s going to be an issue the entire year because there is not a natural center at that position. And when the anchor of the line is not strong, the line as a whole is going to struggle.

Who is the receiver refusing to play in the slot?

Jordon Jones

Off topic, but I’d like to see Warren play more in the slot. He needs the ball in his hands as often as possible IMO.

Why? WPS

And apparently he struggles in some areas at the wide out position. You can’t expect to get on the field just to run post & fly routes.

Remember Jeudy from Bama catching that slant and outrunning Pulley to the end zone? What is stopping Jones from doing that when the defense blitzes? It is sorely needed and you know they would be calling it if it was available.


You need an OL who can protect the QB more than the 1 second we are doing now. Hard to throw pass over 5 yards when you are flat on your back or running for your life.

The OM and Bama QB had all day to throw.