The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Clay, I’m pretty sure earlier this year Kjerstad was your bad (as in he’s baaaad). Now today he’s your good.

What was ugly was what he did to that ball on Friday at Florida. It didn’t hit the scoreboard, it went OVER the scoreboard.
I can’t imagine we’re seeing his ceiling right now, but even if we were, good Lord. He looks out of place playing college ball.

I thought he was about to hit the wall when I wrote the column about him three weeks ago. But, he’s hit another spurt and is .500 in SEC play. Wow. He’s got power to all fields. And, he seems to adjust to anything pitchers try.

Please tell me he’s not one of those guys who will be old enough to go pro after his sophomore year. It will sure be nice if we can get him for two more years after this one’s over.

I know what you mean. I’m still halfway waiting for that to happen because he’s a freshmen, although nothing about what he does at the plate or in the field would suggest a drop off is coming. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s an inch or two taller by the time he’s done here either. His feet look enormous even compared to how big he is now.

He is not draft eligible until 2020.

He’s got to stay three years. I sure see him as a high pick then. I’m expecting him to continue to fill out and get stronger, too. He’s going to be a beast. And, he’ll have company. Cole Turney will be something special, too. He’s still gaining steam after summer shoulder surgery and still isn’t throwing. They have plenty of lefty bats right now or you might see him play a little more.