The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Mercer

The Good: Defense. I know some complained about the defense, but most of the game, the defense was very efficient, Mercer just got lucky on some of their shots. I mean seriously, scoring over half your points just jacking up 3’s doesn’t make our defense bad.

The Bad: Offense simply had ZERO flow. Our offense was entirely driven by 3 players out of 8 that were on the court tonight. This team has WAY too much talent to have players not pull their weight on offense.

The Ugly: Simple plays. There were too many times where the simple pass, simple shot, or just simple rotation wasn’t executed tonight. We probably left at least 12 points off the score because the simple/basic plays weren’t being executed.

Notae: Can score! We all see that! But he’s got to get back to being the player at the end of last season that won the 6th man award in the SEC. He must get his teammates involved on offense. He can create his own shot, which will also get others open. Use your teammates.

Lykes: Fast, great ball handler, and efficient. He must learn to play within the team. He’s so fast that sometimes he doesn’t allow his teammates to adjust and create offense. Keep the speed, but play within your teammates.

Toney: A beast on the glass and down low offensively. He needs help though. In league play, he won’t be able to stand by himself and get those rebounds. Williams, Vanover, etc. need to help.

Williams: Aggressive and smart player. Needs to get more involved down low.

Devo/Umude: Tonight is not indicative of what they can do.

Robinson: We’ll see, but I know he’ll be special, it’s just a question of when it will come out.

This team is a good team with all the potential in the world to be a great team. It’ll come together, but it’s going to take time.


Nice summary.

My (much shorter) good, bad, and ugly:

GOOD: JD’s scoring ability. The guy can score multiple ways, which probably means an “off night” will still get you double figures.

BAD: JD’s decision making far too often. This includes poor shot selection on too many possessions (occasionally is understandable, but he takes multiple poor shots a game, some of which actually he makes) and not feeding his teammates when he could/should (late in the game, he should have dished to Toney for the transition dunk instead of recklessly attacking the rim and getting bailed out on a questionable foul call). His good far outweighs his bad, but he could be an elite player if he cleans up this part of his game.

UGLY: The “sky is falling” perspective of some fans this early in the season. This team has tons of potential and an outstanding coaching staff. What evidence is there that Coach Muss can’t get these guys to mesh together and ultimately play at a high level? Be patient and enjoy watching these guys develop into a fine team!

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Man, Lykes and Toney are both legit. I mean seriously good, the both of them. I can see why they were both All-ACC selections.


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