The Good part

There isn’t one really, and I know I’m in the minority here, but I was glad to see CM stick with Starkel and let him play through stuff. And I know most will drop this one at the door of the D, especially on here, but having said all that, I was stunned at the Offenses performance today and Starkel, coming of a good game last week, and I lay this at the O’s feet more than any. I won’t explain why, it wouldn’t do any good. Glad to see us claw back in it at the very end, but, in reality we should have been tired from scoring TD’s today. Should have lapped the field multiple times.

Wait a minute…the QB throws for over 400 yds against us and it’s our offense’s fault. I think I heard it here that defense wins games.

You didn’t hear that from me.

Scoring against Championship caliber Defenses wins Championships. Always has.

And I don’t consider defense an offensive endeavor.

I agree sticking with Starkel and letting him grow was a good thing.

I can’t say as much for Chavis.

I thought they were equally bad on both sides of the ball. Left too many points out there. Interceptions in the red zone were killers. Throw it away or keep it. Just don’t throw interceptions. And, then, play a little more zone when corners can’t cover man.

The main thing, don’t get whipped on both sides of the ball up front. That’s the killer. Can’t run it, can’t get pass pressure on the opposing quarterback. It adds up to a team loss. I already wrote what I saw, so I probably won’t rehash it in 10 different threads. You guys are doing a good enough job of that.

Starkel is a talented guy. He didn’t play well tonight, but we need to forget that and move on We can’t run the ball, so the defense just backs up and waits for us to throw the football. He forced some throws and made some bad decisions, but he’ll come back and play better. In terms of college experience and playing time…he is a young quarterback. He has a ton of arm talent…when he is hot, he can power a team to a win. We need to be patient with him.

I would be shocked and really disappointed if Coach Morris went back to Ben Hicks. That would be a killer as far as the rest of the season is concerned. We need to hang with Nick. Let him show us what he can do. Not having Treylon Burks was a real problem for us.

What I don’t understand is the fact we were not ready to play against San Jose State. How in the world does that happen? We aren’t good enough to overlook any team. San Jose State was ready to play and outplayed us. I loved their offensive game plan. Every week we somehow manage to make every quarterback look like he is a stud.

Texas A+M is a middle of the pack Western Division team. They are probably going to finish behind Alabama, LSU and Auburn. The problem is the Aggies are still a good football team. Does anybody envision us playing the Aggies tough and making it a game? It is hard to see that happening with our offensive line play and piss poor defense.

Coach Morris and his staff and this team are going to have to pick themselves up and dust themselves off and get back to work to try and somehow get ready to play next Saturday. All any of them can do is try to get better. This is going to be a long season.

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And we aren’t going to whip anybody up front on either side…so what are we going to do to offset where we can? Whatever that is…we haven’t found it.

When you are whipped up front, I am not sure what you do that helps.

To paraphrase a quote, you have to get tired of getting whipped. Good thing about the SEC is they see what works or doesn’t work and they feed it to you until you can stop them from doing it to you. We will see who wants to play starting this weekend. The future is now for the coaching staff.