The good news...

A blowout loss doesn’t count any more than a 1 run loss in extra innings. Just got to win tomorrow

I just hope we don’t get swept. We can survive losing 2 out of 3. A sweep would be devastating.

absolute must that we get off to a good start tomorrow…Auburn jump out early again and we are in deep Doo!!

It’s amazing how fast things can get out of control when you cant locate your pitches.
I dont know if we will win the series, but I think we compete the rest of the way. I really dont think Auburn is that much better than us.
Just a bad game. our offense will get rocking.

It was certainly a pitching issue. Theirs was good & ours was atrocious. Actually, we hit the ball pretty well against a top flight pitcher, but we couldn’t put anything together to score any runs. Of course, even an 8 run production would have been only half enough. Bonfield struggled in left field early in the game. I’m not sure why, but he misplayed a couple of balls early. The announcers said something about the LED lights making a difference. I have no idea if that’s true.

I’m sure we’ll compete better today regardless of whether we win. Heck, we were much better than UGA & they almost beat us in the second game. If we win today, we’ll be back on track. Even if we were to then lose the rubber game, we’d still be tied at the top. Got to win today & give ourselves a chance to win tomorrow. AU’s pitching, from what I understand, is not deep.

Just an ugly game. My hat is off to Angus Denton. He was rocked a little early but he gutted it out to close out the game. He actually looked pretty good the last few innings. His performance saved our bullpen. Maybe that was a solid confidence builder for Denton. The rest of the series will test Arkansas’ character. I hope they come out mad as hell.

I agree. The kid toughed it out & pitched well. The game was over when he got in, but the series certainly wasn’t. Good experience for him while giving us a chance to develop him. Saving the BP is so important. I understand AU’s pitching is not deep, so if Stephan can have a good outing today, our offense will return the favor theirs gave us last night.