The good news is

We have Florida out of the way. Auburn, A&M and Moo U don’t.

Our schedule is front-loaded. OM and Auburn up next, both in the top 10 this week. Then we don’t get LSU and A&M until May.

And watch out for Georgia. The Dawgs are 5-1 in the league, having beaten the Ocean Scum and the Poultry. We get them last.

This league is a beast. The division winners probably will have 10 losses or more.

Regardless of how it got there, Arkansas is 4-2 through two SEC weekends, which ultimately is the goal. A 2 win to 1 loss ratio will put a team in contention for a conference championship every year.

Yes, the Hogs are on pace for a 20-10 SEC record, which as Swine noted, may be the magic number to a division title.

More importantly, a 20-10 record assures you are hosting and almost certainly a National Seed

I agree about hosting, but I’m not sold on it being an almost certainty for a national seed with that kind of conference record. The national seeds typically dominate their nonconference games. Arkansas already has five nonconference losses and might have at least one or two more based on the level of competition in the midweek, notably the games against Texas Tech and Missouri State. Once you factor potential losses in the SEC Tournament, you would be looking at a team with somewhere around 16 to 19 losses. A 17-loss Arkansas team hosted last year, but was not in the consideration for a national seed. Each year is obviously different based on RPI, strength of the conference, etc.

Last year’s national seeds had the following records going into the tournament:

  1. Oregon State, 49-4
  2. North Carolina, 47-12
  3. Florida, 42-16
  4. LSU, 43-17
  5. Texas Tech, 43-15
  6. TCU, 42-16
  7. Louisville, 47-10
  8. Stanford, 40-14

Here is the Schluterman/Story Scale:
[quote]Win 2 out of 3 at home and 1 out of 3 on the road. You are 15-15 in Conference and solidly in a regional at the end of the season. Any time you get an extra win in the weekend you are plus 1 and conversely you can go negative. The most you can gain on a weekend is +2 for a road sweep. Conversely, the most you can go negative on a weekend is -2 for a home sweep. Finish the season plus 3 (18-12 in Conference) you are a likely Regional Host. Plus 5 and you are a likely National Seed.