The good and the bad news

I see Treylon Burks on the field dressed out, but I have not see him do any running. As far as running backs, it looks like it’s Trelon Smith, Dominique Johnson, A’Montae Spivey and Donte Buckner ready to go. Boyd is not here.

And, a field that was dry at 1:30 p.m., is not soaked at 2:40. The rain is blowing sideways and I do not think it’s going to let up. I doubt the eagle flies today.

Will there be a major delay or postponement?

I see no reason we can’t play at 630

Except the game is scheduled for 3 PM.

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Schedules change

Refs are on the field. It will start on time. 3:05.

Arkansas traveled the full complement for this game, 70.

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