The general belief on the 22 Diamond Hogs

is that they are going to be really good again. I know that there is thought that Kevin Kopps is gone and he figured in almost every victory. I do not think this team will lack pitching or offense and is going to be terrific on defense again.

How can that be? You lose Kopps, Casey Opitz and Christian Franklin and still going to be good?

I think almost as good is the answer, or it could be a better team.

I’ve heard from several scouts almost the same thing as I heard last year, that the scrimmages are like watching two Super Regional teams go at each other. Take your pick, both lineups are terrific. A scout that was just at Arkansas visited with a coach at another school and told the coaches, “You don’t want to schedule Arkansas anytime soon. I’ve seen what they have and what’s coming. They are really good and going to stay that way.”

It’s exactly the reason Van Horn does not want to scrimmage another college team. That’s two times that some of your best players are not on the field. Scrimmaging your team is a better option.

I think the power will be substantial again, if not better. The big boppers that return from last year are better, all much stronger and more physical. The additions can all hit.

You will want to have a fast start if you are a player on this team, because the guy behind you can play, too. He may get in the lineup (like Slavens did last year) and not give up his spot.

Cadyn Wallace, Robert Moore and Brady Slavens give you incredible punch to start with and Braydon Webb is off to a terrific start. He might be better (at the plate and on defense) than Christian Franklin in center field.

The pitching might be deeper across the board than last year. The guy who comes from off the radar (and there are always some) might be Evan Taylor. Connor Noland, Jackson Wiggins, Zack Morris and many others have dazzled.

It’s supreme talent everywhere you look. Three deep in most places. And, that talent is still not the most impressive thing about the Arkansas baseball team, it’s the work ethic.


Excellent stuff…I think it is ZACK Morris.


There are some excellent players on the team who aren’t going to get to play because the talent is so deep. Do you anticipate any players leaving the team, i.e., transferring out, at Christmas break?

That does happen.

I’m Ready for Baseball right now! we have unreal potential next yr if all play to their ability

Clay’s summary sounds a lot like spring ball for Bama football… all that talent and according to DVH, really focused on practice and training. Let the games begin.

Baseball season will be here soon.

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There will be a number of players leave. That always happens.

I watched part of a practice a couple of weeks ago. There were just over 50 names on the fall ball roster. (They had copies of the roster available for fans.)

I’m thinking the number of players you can have in the spring is 35, but I’m not absolutely sure.

The roster size for 2022 season is going to be 40.

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There can also be designated redshirts in the program who don’t count against the roster limit. But there are always players who choose to transfer after going through fall ball. This is the time when the players figure out if they are good enough to play at this level.

I heard Wilkerson is going back to Crowder at the semester.there will be several talented players not with us because of all the great players ahead of them

It’s a good problem to have went your team is talented to the point good players transfer after fall ball!
I’m anxiously awaiting the first pitch in February! Baseball season signals garden time! Cool weather and it’s pleasant to work outside.
I hope everyone is right about the pitching.

Thanks for sharing the update, I am sure they will be good as always, I just want Hot bats in June.

Hot bats in June is the key, and having a healthy team in June, something that didn’t happen last year.

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That is always the key and that’s why it’s very seldom does the best team win the national championship… it’s incredibly hard to peek at the exact right time you have to,darn near impossible, but you just keep plugging along and hopefully you can come up with a big hits when you need to.

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