The game will now be shown on ESPNews

It will not be on ESPNU any longer.

That’ll work :sunglasses:

I knew something had to change with OM on ESPNU.

It looks like lots of people who were able to stream the games, will not be able to see it on ESPN news. My daughter, who does not have ESPN news as part of her TV Infinity package, now cannot stream anything through the ESPN app that is on ESPN news to her smart TV. It may have been better for everyone if they’d left it on ESPN3.

This is a bunch of total horse _ _ _ _!


This is what I was wondering about. You guys are having the same problem?!

I’m not being able to stream it on Directv

Thank goodness somehow I got espnnews but not espnu. Are they going to switch it to espnu later? And are they not streaming it??

I’m in Ky and only able to see it on ESPN 3

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If you are not on DirectTV, how do you get ESPNews?

I’m on ESPN firestick and cannot find ESPN news Game is not listed on ESPN anywhere.

Found it on regular tv, not fire stick. TV guide shows it as Formula 1racing

They just said they’ll be switching to ESPN2 shortly

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I just went to ESPN and clicked on their schedule. Our game was listed being on ESPN3. I clicked on it and am now watching it.

Chnl 142 on Dish

ESPN 2 on Dish now

Com on Smity HR

Three base running errors by Huskers so far sure has helped.

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