The game tomorrow will not be pretty

Those previous Aggie games were butt ugly. I think we can gut out a win, but it will take a toll on us. While I’m thrilled that the spruce’s boys were sent home early, this is not a team I was really itching to play again.

Gonna be a game played between 2 hard working teams with 2 good coaches. No shame win or lose.

I am hoping that with TAM having played an OT game against Florida on Thursday then a tough game against Auburn on Friday that Saturday their legs will be gone by the 2nd half and we can take comfortable control of the game. Though I worry when a team is against the wall and TAM certainly is, I think they almost have to make the final to make the NCAA. A cornered animal can be very dangerous.

Either way win or lose tomorrow, I just want no injuries. I think we locked a 4 seed up and beating TAM is not going to improve us whereas beating an Auburn again would help and I think if we lost to Auburn it would not hurt as far as seeding goes.

Many didn’t want to play LSU again either. Yet we just beat them going away.

This Hog team is really good. Really, really good. Really confident. And fearless. Time for some fans to lose the fear!


With Toney back and performing, we should win it Sunday if he stays healthy… TN was lucky Toney didn’t play because they would have lost. This team is very good and well coached. No one makes adjustments at half like Muss in the SEC and maybe all of college basketball.

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There are a couple of teams left that I would like to play again. Tennessee and Miss Steak. I guess it would be better for whatever metric that matters, if it were Tennessee or KY in the finals.

I don’t really care now. I always want Kentucky to get beat so that’s still my easy of thinking. Let the games play out and see who is left. The hogs have a game tomorrow against A&M. That one first.


Need to go to Jaylin early and often. Aggies small inside. . Need to take advantage of their lack of size. Will probably see Ethan a lot for Ags tomorrow.

If I could pick who we play again in the SEC tourney it would be Vanderbilt… need to correct that earlier mistake… Won’t help us in the NET for sure and I know it probably won’t happen, but that’s who I’d like to play again

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I don’t seeVandy getting past UK. crazier things have happened though

I think we’re locked in to no worse than a 4 seed. I don’t think playing AM hurts that. I’d rather play them than Auburn simply because I think they’ll be easier to beat. Not easy, but easier than Auburn.

I can still see us reaching a 3 seed. If we play Tenn on Sunday, it’s possible the winner gets a 2 seed and the lose gets a 3 or 4. They just swap spots on an otherwise completed bracket. Of course our ultimate ceiling depends a lot on who in front of us fares in their tournaments

Me either… but there’s always hope :slight_smile:

Providence, Wisconsin, and Texas Tech all losing might help us

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I Lykes our chances…


I was surprised to see toney start, and surprised he had such a great game. But loved that him and lykes offense picked up jd and jwill.


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