The Game I Remember Most:

The One Game that sticks in my mind from all of those in War Memorial Stadium that probably made me a Hog Fan for life was the 1960 contest with Ole Miss. The game came down to a final field goal and Ole Miss won the game in the final seconds with a score of 10 to 7. Oh, the bitter feeling of defeat that has never gone away since that game! Coach Broyles fanned the flames of the fire by stating publicly that the kick was no good. Several of the players said that it was no good. The fans in the end zone said that it was no good. To this day, everyone of us that were there, firmly believe that Ole Miss escaped that venerable old stadium with a robbery. I was twelve years old at the time. My dad and I had walked to the stadium from our home in Oak Forest and I distinctly remember returning home angry and dejected. I am sure we read Orville Henry’s account of the game the next day in the Gazette and it did nothing to change our feelings at the time. That’s my highlight from War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock…maybe a losing game…but I’m sticking to it. WPS!

Bob is writing something tomorrow about the history of Ole Miss playing Arkansas at War Memorial. I know he spoke to several of the players from that team about it.

I have been to all those games at War Memorial since around 1954 except for a couple. I used to sleep in the peanut hulls under my parents’ feet as a boy for those night games which started at 8 p.m.

The 1960 Ole Miss game created my hatred of the Rebels. We were tied 7-7 when Allen Green lined up to kick the field goal…it was good, but a timeout had been called. He had to re-kick and it was wide right, but the umpire called it good and all hell broke loose. Whiskey bottles and seat cushions were flying. Today, we would call it a riot, but it was not really that…just 40,00 people mad they got cheated.

Hunter Henry finally evened the score more than 50 years later by denying the Rebels an SEC West Championship which would have been a sham because of the Ole Miss cheating. I still remember how mad and frustrated I was. I had forgotten Coach Broyles quit playing the Rebels because of this blatant cheating incident by the refs. Good for him.

If I am wrong about this…somebody please correct me, but this is my recollection.

Still remember the smells of whiskey mixed with cigar smoke that permeated the air all around the old stadium. Used to be quite a boisterous crowd at the games! It was a fun atmosphere for a young wide eyed boy to get to observe and talk about on Monday mornings at school in show and tell! :slight_smile:

Broyles said he quit playing Ole Miss because it left the team beat up for the conference games, which were more important. But he called off the series the year after that game in Little Rock.

My Uncle Bill who is in his late 80’s still fumes about that game. He was there and said the kick was wide by a large margin. He has some memory problems but he’ll still get fired up when you say Ole Miss.

Some of you will remember Malvern Hog from the old Hawgs Illustrated board. His aunt (aka Aunt Shorty) despised Ole Miss, more than any other team that Arkansas played. She was a tiny little ball of fire, although you would never have known it to look at her. She was a real lady, except … she taught many what was appropriate to say when playing Ole Miss: “GO TO HELL, OLE MISS, GO TO HELL.”

I was there and the 2nd kick unquestionably wide— I remember several hog-rebel fights after the game and fondly remember my best friend saying” there us one— let’s get him”— and we did.We were juniors in high school.

I was at that 1960 game and was sitting in the end zone. The kick was wide. Some years later I met Bobby Franklin at a social event in Memphis. I know he wasn’t their QB that night, Jake Gibbs was. But Franklin had been their starter in '59. I told him the kick was wide. He said “All you Arkansas people say that”. What struck me was that he never said it wasn’t! Ole Miss has been my most disliked team since I was a little boy. My Dad taught me well!

Been to WMS games since 1957. Missed the Ole Miss game in 60 but two that stand out are beating Southern Cal in the early 70s and the Houston game in 89. I think Southern Cal went on to win the national championship. That was a great Razorback team that got hurt by injuries later in the year.

You can thank one Tommy Bell for that FG call. As stated, the first kick was good. The second was not, but Tommy Bell signaled good before the kick even got there. He was an SEC ref at the time. He went on to be a good NFL ref, but that night he stuck up for the SEC. From then on, Frank never trusted SEC refs. Remember Preston Watts?

funny, a lot has not changed that much.

My favorite is 1974 when Dirt Winston tackled Anthony Davis about two dozen times and we upset no. 5 Southern Cal, 22-7. No one left the stands. They just stayed and cheered for a long time after the game was over. Same thing happened when Petrino’s Hogs wore out LSU in 2010 with a Knile Davis dominating final drive for the win. When time ran out, I got as far as the aisle and nobody moved. A young LSU fan asked to get around me to leave. I told him we both were just going to have to be patient until the crowd got tired of cheering and started exiting.

Dennis Winston was incredible that night against USC. Anthony Davis was one tough son of a gun because Dennis repeatedly put hard lick after hard lick on him. To Davis’ credit, he kept coming. Winston hit Davis so hard one time, dust flew from the USC tailbacks uniform. I remember that tackle just like it was yesterday. Davis ran a kickoff back about 90 yards for a score. He was one of the great tailbacks in the Trojan tradition. I bet you he remembers Dennis Winston.

I remember that game well. On one of Winston’s tackles you could hear the
collision loudly. Davis had a full gallop and Dirt hit him dead center and Davis
crumbled forcefully backwards and for a moment you had to wonder if he
would get up. Both of those guys were fierce football players.
Dirt thought he was a pool player too, but he was a duffer in that game.

Southern Cal didn’t lose another game rest of that season and the next I think.