The game experience needs a change...

Yes, I am old school, but if we voted I think a change would be in order.

The cheerleaders never call the Hogs. The school will run everybody and their brother onto the field during the 25 timeouts during a game, but no cheerleaders to get things going. I thought the NCAA prohibited the cheerleaders from coming onto the field. That must not be true because they put everybody out on the field during a timeout, except me and the cheerleaders.

The band never played a song except at halftime. They played PA music between plays and at the timeouts that was so freakin loud I couldn’t hear my wife tell me to shut up and quit bitchin’. So, our band has been demoted to never playing their instruments and the cheerleaders can’t come onto the field, but everybody else can? What inmates are running this asylum? I feel sorry for the band who works hard during the week and doesn’t get to blow a note. By the way, I can’t play an instrument and have no family in the band.

Also, did you know the Razorbacks have official ice cream, eye surgeons, pizza and whiskey? Well, I made that up about whiskey…but the announcer bombarded us with inane blather from start to finish. If I hear the term…“another Razorback first down” while we are getting the crap beat out of us…I may just lose it.

We need more of the cheerleaders and the band and less of the worthless noise coming from the PA announcer. If that is entertainment, then I don’t want to be entertained. Sometimes the game and the players have to be the center of attention.

Arkansas leads the nation with in-game introductions of every Tom, Dick and Harry that’s been associated with the school.

I think you will see a change in the game-day stuff next year. I know people have spoken to Hunter Yurachek about the need to inject some new philosophies. Remember this is his first year. He’s still learning what works and what does not work.

The Texas AD spent a year before he made big changes prior to this season. Apparently everything has changed about the game-day program there.

I think you are a little misguided on the first down chant. They have been doing that for every first down at the stadium for 20 years or more. It’s something the crowd naturally does, no different than the same first down chant at Chiefs’ games or the chant for every incomplete pass at the Broncos’ home games.

I was there today and agree with this completely - I’ve also been to the majority of SEC stadiums and our in game experience pales in comparison to most.

It’s like they are trying to put people to sleep with all of the introductions during TV timeouts. The Bigfoot beef jerky thing is also one of the goofiest deals I’ve ever seen.


I was there too and totally agree. My wife constantly complained how loud the music was. We have never heard it so loud. We sit next to the student section and at the start of the game about 1/4 of the seats were occupied. As the game progressed, more came but the section never filled up. I guess many of them have given up. However, it was a beautiful day and a good game until the second half.

Consistent winning program would solve most of these concerns. Even Bama has complaints about their game day experience —which sounds crazy to me but it is world we live in.

Best improvement to the game experience would be a better team on the field between the time outs.

Having said that, the endless introductions need to change. Music doesn’t bother me, or lack of it. If you have it, doesn’t matter much whether its the band or Zombie Nation (and sometimes recorded music is better; Enter Sandman and Jump Around are two examples of very good use of recorded music).

Agree re: the music… the endless introductions are my biggest gripe.

I agree, the only introduction that should be done is the salute to our military , the rest should stop.

Instead of another first down we could cheer another missed tackle. Lol. Sorry. So dismayed couldn’t pass it up.

We had football for 110+ years without introducing a soldier at every game. It’s not mandatory. A football game is a sporting event, not an exercise in patriotism. You want to wave the flag, go to a parade or a political rally. The NFL ran into the anthem-kneeling problem precisely because they tried to turn football into a flag-waving exercise, and I’m glad college teams are not on the field for the anthem.

The introductions I don’t mind are other Hog teams that have had success. Nice to see gymnasts and golfers and tennis players who do well getting recognition from a larger group of fans.

Hey as a veteran, I don’t mind recognizing our soldiers. Without them, we may not be playing football.

The last time our freedoms and way of life were actually in danger was 1945. You wanna introduce WWII vets, go right ahead, if there are any left. Everything since then (Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, etc.) has been for geopolitical ends, not to actually defend our nation. A soldier who gets killed fighting in a geopolitical war is still just as dead, but it’s an overstatement to credit an Iraq War fatality with dying to protect our freedom. If they had really wanted to go after Al Qaeda they would have invaded Saudi Arabia instead of Iraq, but we like the Saudis’ oil money too much.

You go to Europe, they don’t play their anthem before every sports event. That only happens in the World Cup and the Euros when the national teams are playing. EPL plays 380 matches per year. Number of times they play God Save the Queen? Zero.

Wow…I guess 9/11 never happened.

The first down chant was started by Crazy Craig O’Neal in his single year on the PA. Sometimes it is annoying, but we started it so it doesn’t bother me as much as something copied would. It is funny to hear other teams copying it, and many do. Even NFL teams.

Last year they started playing the “beep-beep-beep” back-up noise whenever the visitors would get a penalty on offense. I thought that was funny and original, was sad they didn’t keep doing it this year.


The first down cheer is bad. Has been forever. When we were ball control, trying to get 17 play 40 yard drives that took around 15 min, on purpose, it was fitting. Which was pretty much my whole life. It gives me nightmares.

What’s been your favorite game day experience that you think we should implement? Have you done anything to notify our ad?

I remember years ago during a time out they had remote control cars race around the field. It was fun to watch and it made the timeout seem a lot shorter.

They could do that again or have dogs catching frisbees, kids attempt field goals, midget wrestling, or let Tusk loose and see if anyone can catch him.

And as for the music over the speakers, my ears are still ringing today.

I sent an emails to Long on two occasions and nothing changed. Have not sent anything to Yuracheck yet - will after the season.

The most recent trip for me was South Carolina in 2017 and I noted very few presentations. Maybe a couple the whole game and everything was gear