The future of Connor Vanover

Watching Connor on the bench, he appears to still be all in. He appears to be engaged and vocal in encouraging his teammates. However, he appears to have fallen out of favor with Muss, and I doubt that he will ever play significant minutes again. I think he will have at least one more year of eligibility remaining, and I suspect he will have his degree soon. So where do you think he might land next year?

He’s already transferred once so the transfer exception doesn’t apply unless he goes to D-2. I guess he could get a waiver but he’s already 0-1 on transfer waivers.

So he doesn’t get the 1 freebie transfer because he transferred “before the new portal rule”

Ride the bench and make a run for that ring with his home state. He will get some pt. Not much but you know. He should still have opportunities to sign a contract overseas I would think. I imagine he can develop his game practicing with next years squad as much as anywhere.

But will there be a spot on the bus for him? Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s getting encouragement to graduate as soon as possible

I don’t see him leaving.

He might get the freebie as a grad transfer. Or he might just stick it out.

But why should he stay? Clearly CEM doesn’t trust his game play in his system which is why he’s riding the bench. Which is a head scratcher since when he does get in a game, good things happen. And the fact we lack ANY significant inside threat on offense and defense.

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Because it’s his life and he loves being a Razorback, something that he and I have talked about a lot.

And he still feels like his time will come.


I watch Connor and KK’s body language during timeouts, and they both still seem bought in and encouraging their teammates.

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That’s great for them. What about Moore? I’m actually shocked he doesn’t get playing time.

I haven’t given up on Connor… I still feel he can help us… he hasn’t shot the ball well but I know he can, anybody with that pure a stroke at the foul line can shoot the ball. He’s just got to see a couple go in.
He would be much more effective in a zone defense but in man to man he’s going to struggle some but still can block some shots with that Long reach

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Not sure. Hope he sticks it out. Seems like a good kid from good family. I liked what I saw of him on film.

Not sure about this, but it seems to me Connor’s biggest weakness is turnovers. As long as this team has a problem with that, I think his minutes will be limited. Wish it were different–it’s hard for me to see a seven footer that loves AR on the bench.

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