The future looks a little less bleak

Aggie de ja vu. Great effort, tough breaks. Wouldn’t it be great to have Trey and Trelon in the same game? Would still like to see a short yardage package featuring Jefferson.

We desperately need a quarterback who can run the football.

Recruiting is the key. CCM needs to continue to hit the recruiting trail hard. Especially with the O and D lines. Our fortunes will only change when the lines improve. And that means better recruits.

I never saw it as bleak. Just my opinion, but I always believed that we would eventually get it together to start being competitive. I understand the reactions from last week, but I knew that wouldn’t be normal for this team.

We just need to get over the hump.

I agree with Jhawg, I’m waiting for K.J. Jefferson to be ready and see what a true DT QB can do with this offense.

I would like to see the Jone kid.

Reed hicks got 5 balls knocked down. Jones is shorter than him. I can assure you coach wants to win. If he thought someone else could make that happen he would play them

Hicks’s scramble on that last 3rd down was a very good run. If we’d not had the penalty on the play before, he’d have picked up the critical first down. Our chances with 50 seconds or so with a 1st down inside the 20 would have been very good.

Jones kid is easily seen - on the sideline holding a helmet.

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Why not throw a screen pass to Boyd to slow down the rush during the 2nd half? A+M was just coming full bore, so use Boyd with that play. The Ole Miss game was the same, no screens for Boyd when the Rebels were bearing down on the quarterback.

On our last offensive play, Hicks didn’t drop back…he ran back because he knew he wouldn’t have time to throw the football. He must have dropped 10-12 yards to give himself time to throw the ball. It was an odd play call on 4th and short given our offensive line play.

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