The future is bright

Outside of Moses All of the best players in this game are returning next year. Anton had a great game. Adrio Bailey played his best game. Trey held his own. Barford, Macon and Beard looked good

Hog treat nice to see a positive post! I agree with you. We have good players returning that have experience and also a good recruiting class coming in. It would have been nice to watch these hogs continue to make a run! They left it on the floor that’s all we can ask.
I’m proud they had a great year.

Response: I agree as well, also I’m anxious to see the improvements over the summer With Glasper, Jones, & Hauser. In addition to the Garfford our 7’0 footer, Hall, and Garland. I’m also hoping Mike & Scottie can close the deal on the young man Z Smith I believe he will compliments the other big threes

I suppose Watkins and Hannas didn’t have their usual game.

Watkins did a great job on defense but he didn’t show out like Macon, Barford, Beard, and Moses was a presence at the rim that caused UNC trouble in spite of not having many blocks. Bailey came in and had a great 19 minutes when Thomas and Cook weren’t able to contend with the athleticism of UNC. The athletic height and refs letting UNC hammer Hannah’s got in his head and I fully understand the frustration.