The fun continues at the Adidas hoops trial

Brian Bowen’s dad says he was getting offers of cash, jobs and housing from Texas, Creighton, Okie Lite and Arizona before he sold his son to Louisville.

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No surprise. Looking forward to all of the dirty laundry being public.

But Texas released a statements that says internal reviews revealed no evidence to support this guy’s claims. So, are we to accept the word of this obvious cheating lowlife scum, or are we to believe Bowen?

Bowen Sr. is under oath. Perjury is a criminal offense and his kid is already permanently ineligible due to having been sold to Louisville. So yeah I think i know who to believe.

Just read a piece on ESPN website where Coach K and Coach Williams said “College basketball is actually pretty clean”.

I always liked both of them but it appears to me now that they are either clueless or guilty.

Me thinks guilty. … cript-says

They sure would like people to think that. It use to be the top 10-20 players, but I hear it’s go beyond that.

Add Will Wade to a possible connection to this Adidas scandal.

He was just mentioned, but still. That would make about 1/3 of SEC basketball teams having been mentioned as a possible connection to paying players.

When you read Brian Bowers dad’s testimony you have to shake your head at the length and depth of the mess. Money exchanging hands since the kid was very young.

Cash to kids has been going on a long time. But the amounts of money in this investigation is astonishing. At least to me.

Bust them all.

I found it very interesting that the university of DePaul was mentioned in this article seems like we had a young man up and transfer over the summer to there …??

BBall corruption has a broad spectrum. For Coach K & Williams to say its relatively clean is very naive or just a cover up. I guess Ole Cal would say the same, lmao!

One of ESPN’s guys was asked on Twitter about Coach K, Duke, and Nike giving money to Mr Bagley’s AAU to ensure Marvin came to Duke. The ESPN guy responded that the way it was given to Mr Bagley was legal and not a violation

Hmmm, a legal way to funnel money from shoe company to a players AAU sponser then to the player.
Nolan’s words ring true, what he thought of the whole AAU circuit.
I still don’t know how Coach Cal has escaped this mess so far. Him telling ESPN the investigation is a black eye to college basketball but he is too busy to really keep up with all of it. Geeze.

There are reports that Zion Williamson asked for cash to sign with Kansas. So, are we to believe that he signed with Duke for free?

No wonder Coach K thinks college basketball is clean. Perhaps by his standards of what is legal and what is not legal.