The fumble that never was by MSU

I have not seen anybody talk about this, but Kylan Hill’s first carry was obviously a fumble, yet the SEC refs confirmed the call of it not being a fumble. How does the SEC explain that?

We have seen this type of call so many times against Arkansas that I guess the fans just blow it off. It could have cost us dearly, but in a play or two we converted an interception for a touchdown.

Still, this sort of officiating is infuriating. What are these people watching when they review a call? I wonder if they are just looking at the rankings or the SEC standings when they make a judgement like this.


I was mad at that call, too. The only reason nobody is making much of it is the INT just a couple of plays later. Still, it was a bad call.

Bad call. I can see the officials on the field missing it as it happened so fast. No excuse for the video reviewers.

By the way, if I thought all the SEC officials were out to cheat UA, I would have bailed out a long time ago.

We used to get hosed fairly regularly when we were in the SWC. We were the only team outside of the state of Texas and most of the officials were Texans. When we joined the SEC I thought it would be better with the officiating. I guess it is because of replay, but we still seldom get any home cookin’ at Razorback Stadium, while the visitors seem to get it.

Thank goodness we didn’t have replay when JJ Meadors caught that touchdown against Alabama. Even if he did catch the ball, the refs surely would have overturned that touchdown catch. Opps, too late the ref has already signaled touchdown!

on the replay that I saw, it was really close. I have no idea what the officials could see, but on my tv, they just showed the same angle over and over.

I thought he fumbled, but it was close. But not nearly as egregious as what happens to us, year in and year out, in football and basketball.

or in scheduling…

makes it all the sweeter, when we get a pick-6 right after that. and then win.


Even the announcers said we got hosed!

Worked out better. A pick six beats a recovered fumble.


I thought it was clearly a fumble. But, the call on the field was “he was down”.,and the officials said the call “Stands”, not that it was confirmed. In my mind “stands” means “we probably screwed up”.

I think the call was that it stands, not that it was confirmed. The production crew had no cameras on the east side. It’s going to be a problem in a lot of the weeks when there are seven SEC games. They just don’t have enough top production crews to cover each game. This TV crew was not one of the top crews and lacked the number of looks that a CBS or ESPN game would provide.

We did have the top SEC replay official, Gerald Hodges. He worked a national championship semifinals game last year. But if he doesn’t get looks, he can’t over turn a call on the field.The missing look would have been from our sideline to see the ball coming out. I think it was coming out, but I never saw the definitive look of the leg is not down and the ball is loose.

I am worried that there are going to be more tough looks for the replay officials without a big production crew.

The for example I’m told is the comparison of the crew that did the Auburn-Kentucky game two weeks ago. There was no field camera in position for the TD that Kentucky scored, but was ruled short. The guy was just not in position at the start of the play. There were only three looks of that play – from the two 20s and the 50.

By contrast, if CBS is doing a game, the replay booth is going to have access of around 15-18 cameras, including pylon cameras. There are no pylon cameras when CBS or the top two crews from ESPN are not working a game.

Very good insight Clay - thanks for that

That dropped punt was a gift

I hope it’s because our Hogs has kept hitting me Waddle until he gave the victory to Arkansas

You got people hard enough over time they make mistakes like that

A gift true. We gave it right back, too. Thankfully Foucha ran back that Pic6. The offense couldn’t mess that one up.

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Karma! Hosed by on the fumble but the pick 6 was huge!
Ive learned to accept getting ripped off by bad calls!

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That was Brooks with the pick 6!

Ahh, good catch Eagle, er Army,

Give credit where it’s due! Brooks played a good game too! There were a lot of defensive players that played their tales off! Foucha and Pool did as well!

It was definitely a fumble, luckily it worked out for us in this game, but it may not have just as easily. I’d bet the house if that same play was a game where Alabama was on defense when that fumble took place it would have gone Bama’s way.

I think Clay’s analysis is correct. They didn’t have the proper angle to see that the ball was out, and they wouldn’t have if Bama were the visiting team.

When Bama plays, there are always plenty of cameras to cover every angle…

The refs had the same angle I did. It was obvious to me, the announcers and everybody except the Mississippi State fans that the ball was out and the runner’s butt was still 6" off the ground. It should have been overturned, but we have seen this type of stuff play out since 1992.