The Fumble: "Replay didn't show which team came up with the ball"

What replay did the officials watch?

A couple calls in this game were unbelievable.

It sure didn’t look like our game, they were watching

We could see the screen he was using and talking with the replay office from. It was not either of the replays available to us; hence he could not see the fumble nor who came up with it or when.

They were blind…obviously.

Lol. If he can’t see it then it can’t be overturned. But, OK.

I’d say the clear and immediate recovery rule needs a clear and immediate revision. It’s as baffling as targeting.


To be clear, and I’m sure you were saying this, the targeting rule is not baffling, but the way it is called and/or reviewed surely is.

The issue is that the official did not see the fumble and ruled the player “down” when he want down. But, the replay clearly showed that the player fumbled well before he went down. It’s at this time, that the officials should be deciding who came up with the ball. The reply clearly shows that the Hogs came out of the scrum with the ball. Now, it’s that observation that should trump everything; it’s the Ace of Spades. But, in the SEC, the 2 of clubs trumps; that’s those eyes in Birmingham whose sole purpose is to protect the SEC bluebloods.

Personally, I hate the SEC. But, that’s a different story.

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I guess you have forgotten about playing all the games and bogus calls against us in the SWC. Texas refs weren’t any better than bad SEC refs.

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The sec refs learned everything they know from swc refs


I do remember those days. I think it’s worse and getting worse.

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Absolutely true why do we keep getting this incredibly horrid crew

One of these days an Arkansas fan is going to catch him in a dark ally and it won’t be pretty

I dont think it’s worse but it’s about the same - the SWC always protected UTexas (spit)

Oh! Your right

The SEC officials always protect legacy teams which means every one butt Arkansas

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