The full timeline re: NC State

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Unvaccinated players got covid and got sick triggering testing of the entire team which identified more positive cases in some vaccinated players who didn’t get sick. Then they had to forfeit.

So… Get your vaccine so you don’t get sick and don’t get your team into further testing protocols. I guess. I feel like it’s in the public good to say which vaccine those guys had that tested positive. Has the whole vandy team been tested now? Wonder how many of their vaccinated players would be positive if they had to get tested.


Vanderbilt players were all tested yesterday. There were no positives.

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If dogen’s post is correct, I’ll bet if all the vaccinated NC ST players were tested yesterday, they would have also all tested negative. Our testing is so precise with 40 some cycles, that it finds even the most minute trace of Covid. I don’t know exactly how the anti-bodies in the vaccine work. But it would seem possible that it might take a few hours or a day for your anti-bodies to get rid of all traces of Covid if you had been in close proximity to an infected person.


So all the vaccinated players should have been allowed to play regardless of their test result? Sort of sounds more consistent with their protocols and the science. Idk about the politics

I’m just curious, but does anyone know how many college baseball players have died from the Wuhan China Corona virus?

By God’s grace hopefully none


I think the NCAA made the decision on them to forfeit, lol.

There are no antibodies in any of the vaccines. The mRNA vaccines trigger the formation of spike proteins, which are also present on the COVID virus, and allow the body to create antibodies which will seek out those spike proteins. It takes about two weeks after either dose of vaccine for the antibodies to kick into high gear.

So far it looks like the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are still very effective against the Delta variant; they’re not sure yet about the J&J vaccine. I have heard that the Delta variant appeared in Omaha about a week before the CWS. But very effective is still not 100% and some of the Pack players tested positive in spite of being vaccinated.

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