The Fourth B-Ball Schollie

Insiders do you have much of a feeling on who it is going to be? Has Darrington been offered?

Darrington has not been offered yet. I think the fourth scholarship is a very fluid situation.

Is it Darrington if Whise doesn’t take the scholarship?

There’s no reason to sit around and wait on Zhaire Smith when right now he has not even scheduled an official visit


Richard and/or Dudley are you hearing anything about the coaches being interested in any post grad transfers and/or regular transfers?

Yes, they are assessing everything right now

My Opinion:

I think a Darlington offer is predicated on Macon giving a final decision.

Brain fart. For some reason I got confused when thinking of Zhaire Smith. My bad.

I don’t see anything happening with Zhaire. Chris is on the radar but so is several others. Hard to say which direction they’ll go.

They could carry it over to 2018. Especially if Justice Hill comes through with his 2018 plan, DJ Weaver and Rodgerick Brown are two they want in 2018.

I think the best option they have is to use the fourth schollie for a graduate transfer.

I was listening to Kevin McPherson on the radio earlier and he was talking about he spoke with Dr. Hill and spoke to him about Justice reclassifying. It was on the AM station, so was kinda hard to hear him, but he was saying he was possibly looking at coming in the Spring semester, where he could practice with the team early and not lose any eligibility. Also, said coming in at the start fall wasn’t ruled out either. … -deal-roc/

I heard Dr. Hill say the same a month ago. That is why I posted elsewhere in this thread about the Spring semester plan. Dr. Hill was on DTS this evening, but I was playing tennis and didn’t catch him till the last 5 minutes. If someone was listening to DTS, would love to hear if he said anything different.