The former UK 2G who was a Lepanto


I must admit that I enjoy every bit of that. I’m giving myself 40 lashes with a wet noodle.

Too small for a NBA 2guard.

Maybe he will finally learn humility. Still has more money than most of us will ever see…he got more than most make in 5 years just to sign with Kentucky

Left to early. Needed to develop a floor game and I agree he is to small to be a 2G.

A 1-dimensional chucker won’t stick in the NBA unless they are a special shooter.

Yes this brings me great joy.

He traded being a home-state hero, a lifetime of celebrity status, and numerous opened doors of opportunity…

for a shot at NBA stardom and some up-front money.

It was a business decision.


I know it’s Christmas but this news is like another present! Couldn’t happen to more fitting young man! He may end up overseas!
Grease ball helped him get to the G league. What a deal. Poetic justic and karma maybe people will see the train wreck at Kentucky is not the dream it’s pumped up too be.

All the money in the world can’t buy happiness.

I can’t read his mind, but it’s difficult to believe he’s too elated right now. From the outside looking in, it appears he has been treated like a piece of property since he was about 15 years old.

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This is my point. He isn’t even going to be remembered at UK. Going to UK did not improve his NBA career (even if it gets better, going to UK didn’t help it). If he had gone to UA he would be a state wide hero. Stupid decision.

Kentucky Board:. … ue.252310/

Sadly, MM sold out his school. I really don’t get it; he was one of my favorite Hog receivers of all time.

Yeah it breaks my heart in a thousand pieces to see him struggling. We’ll never know if we would have been better with him last year. I do know this however. Mike Anderson is not going to accept a lack of effort on the defensive end from anybody. It could be that coming here would not have resulted in him launching to the league after one year. Maybe he would have had to come back, get stronger and better on the defensive end. Maybe that would have been better for his development in the long run. I dunno. I’m glad we’ve got CJ Jones and will have him for two more years. A four year CJ sure beats a skinny, one and done guard who doesn’t play great Defense IMHO.


Marcus Monk is a zero in my book! He may have a few friends he hasn’t used up yet!
Younger brother got bad advice from the crowd of stooges around him and he lost his college years on a pipe dream. We have a football player on the hill that shut Monk down in the state tournament.
If you look at it with the simple idea that he was unable to win a state tournament in high school and wasn’t part of a national championship what did he ever win?
No one ever told him about his glaring weakness. They only praised his scoring ability! That’s a pretty good sign of coaching issues.
Cal may have the number “1” recruiting class year after year and. Low about how he puts players in the league but he actually does less with the most talent.
The young man should have went to school and become a complete player!

He better learn to play defense or will be playing for croissants in France.

There may be an opening on an overseas team in Iraq! Perfect place for him!

This OP is one of the best posts I’ve seen all year. I have no use for the person being discussed. I don’t like Calimari. I don’t like UK. I don’t like “one & dones”. Most of all, I don’t like people who turn their backs on the Razorbacks after teasing them along. That’s especially true if the person teasing then rejecting the Razorbacks is from Arkansas.

Maybe Malik, Archie and the Ball boys can team up on a team in Europe. I’d love to see that. :lol:

Europe is too good for them. Maybe Indonesia. In the summer. In a gym without air conditioning.