The floor was giving way causing Bacot to get hurt

Watch his feet closely and you will see the floor moving.

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I hate temporary floors like that, and I hate elevated temporary floors even more. Eventually somebody is going to fall off an edge and get seriously hurt.


Wow that’s incredible! You should never have a floor that unstable

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Blow it up and look closely, I believe that is reflections not floor giving.

I thought I saw that last night when they replayed it. If indeed that is the floor giving as it looks, there could be some serious problems for the NCAA (do nothings), and the floor manufactures or installers.

Did that cost Carolina the game? Probably not, but who can say. It certainly did not help. More importantly, will that affect his potential NBA career? That could be very big $.

I did not see the floor move. I hate those raised floors too, but that part of the floor is sandwiched in between other parts on all four sides and the edges are tongue and grooved into each other to keep them level with each other. That one section could not move sideways unless ALL of the other sections on that side moved too. It looked like his shoe locked onto the floor and his high ankle sprained or tore under the stress of his cut. It looked really bad but I don’t think the floor caused it. JMVHO

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