The Flannigans? What poisoned that well?

I believe I remember that it happened during the Nolan years but I can’t remember what happened. All I remember is the Flannigans were mad at Arkansas so they went to somewhere else and while coaching they tried very hard to steer their players anywhere besides Arkansas.

Anyone have a good memory of what happened or why this developed?

I don’t know why or how it happened, but it is still poisoned. As a result I don’t like the family

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Back when Nolan was coaching, Parkview was run by the Flanigans. They had one family member they thought was pretty good, and put a lot of pressure on Nolan to offer him. Nolan resisted, as you might surmise. The kid wound up at a directional school in Missouri.

Ever since, the Flanigans and their clan have spewed poison on the Arkansas program. Still do it. Most of their kids were sent to Ole Ms.

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I suspect it was because Nolan didn’t offer Wes or Jason a schollie, but I could be wrong. I thought the realtionship had healed in recent years. Mike did sign Khalil Garland and Ethan Henderson out of Parkview when Al was still coaching.


Hopefully Scotty can improve the Parkview pipeline to Arkansas. The Flanigans have poisoned that well for 25+ years. Why, I have no idea.

Bc Nolan didn’t offer Wes I believe and cliff ellis at auburn did.

Then ualr fired Flanagan and now he is with auburn again.

Do we know if Scotty and Muss are on good terms these days? Muss did not retain Scotty when he got the job.

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His daughter isn’t going to the hill to play volleyball so draw your own conclusions

The only Flanagan I know is nurse Flanagan, the wife of the parkview coach. She is delightful, treated our mutual patients wonderfully and always had a smile.

And I have no idea why my phone keeps autocorrecting “flanigan”


Didn’t it start before that when Parkview was so loaded Derek Fisher wasn’t the star—and we didn’t sign any of them?

May have. Dion cross was very smart and wanted Stanford over arkansas if I remember our boys state conversations. Not sure who else was on that great team with Wes and dion besides Derek and everyone missed on Derek

Scotty wasn’t happy to not be retained, but he understood it…he didn’t have the NBA experience that Muss required. The Parkview hostility is nowhere near what it was under the Flanigans. Take that for what you will. I think Scotty will eventually be back on staff with the Hogs, and I think Dallas Thomas will be a Hog. JMO.


Maurice Robinson.

Yes and he went to Florida st. To play for Leonard Hamilton

I think that was before Leonard Hamilton. I also seem to recall him finishing his career at UALR.

FSU then Oklahoma State for Eddie.

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I’m sure she is. Please remember my remark about the family is in a sports context and not to be taken too broadly or literally

His daughter not coming to Arkansas has nothing to do with Scotty not coaching there. I got that straight from who I call “Scott La Rock’s” mouth.


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