The first Oral Exam

Was a bit scary. For awhile it looked like we would be drilled. That was the first of J. Smith’s monster games and we destroyed the O Bob’s on the glass. Of course, that was then and this is now. Both teams have gotten much better since that day. Any team that shoots the 3 the way ORU does can beat you. Still, if you had offered me a 15 seed in the round of 16 a few weeks ago, I’d have gladly taken it. I’m sure Muss will have a great plan for this one. GHG!

I will say just from the short sample size of Muss for his two years here, this may be way off base, but I feel Muss does an excellent job when you give him re-matches. He seems to adjust to what teams did or do very well. Case in point loses to Missouri, LSU, and Bama and the 2nd time we met them it was a different story.

I hope that’s the case with ORU.

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I think you are spot on there. Muss is a great basketball mind and will have something prepared. Not saying he’s always gonna win but we will be in good position to win.

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