The first of 3 today, Allen is a Hog


So no concerns about the other two?

Great news! If we can get a pipeline started to Aledo that would be FANTASTIC as they have become a powerhouse in football in Texas!

Any word on the time the other 2 may or may not commit today? Haven’t seen anything posted on possible announcement times and just curious.

I read 2:30 to 3:00 on the other 2, I assume this is correct

Thanks for the response on this. So…guess we will know in the next 30 minutes or not.

Yes , I sure hope so

Looks like Collins is at 2:45 per Twitter announcement and he re-tweeted it. :pray:

Very good :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::boar:

If their talent on the field add up to their star rankings the hogs are making progress.

And #2 and #3 are committed.


Fantastic news….what a great day for the football team!!! Way to go coaches!!!

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