The First Family of Arkansas Football

That is a subject that will be eternally open to debate. It is a generationally driven type thing. Many families have given so much of themselves and their children. Sometimes we lose sight of that with our petty demands. I wanted to post this because I saw on Twitter tonight that my daughter referred to the Henry’s as the first family and they are today, but there were others.
Without looking it up and relying on memory; Swine will correct me if my memory is faulty, but there was once a high school football coach from Smackover that provided two sons that not only played but stared on our National Championship team; Bobby and Tommy Burnett. Billy shortly followed. He was termed the last and best of the Burnett’s and was a big part of the 69 Shootout.
The Horton’s have given their lives to this program. Tim was purged in the clean the house of all things and people associated with Frank in early days of Jeff Long. I truly wish there was some way we could bring him back. Being a Razorback is a special thing. The program has not done well since we lost people like that. I hope we can correct that wrong.


Those are special ones for sure.

I think you hit on a big one with Long’s purge of all things
Frank and Arkansas. I think we a reaping the rewards of that move.

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Forgot to mention the Allen’s and many more. Two QB’s in one family? What a class act of both ability and character,. The best two QB’s that have been allowed to pass through this system in awhile. Dad has given a lifetime almost to this program.

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I agree Jim. Our downfall started with Jeff Long’s poor decisions. He had no choice about firing CBP but IMO he was not plugged in enough (or didn’t care) and gave Petrino too much power to do what he wanted. Thus he hires his girlfriend put her office adjacent to his thus putting the UofA in a precarious legal situation. Then he hires Bielema and does not step in when assistant coaches jump ship and poor replacements are hired.

Long made some huge mistakes that we are paying for today.

Petrino should never have been hired; there was already information out there suggesting he was a slug. I did not want him for that reason.