The first domino? Morehouse cancels Football for 2020

Hey who.knows you may be correct. Why it’s acting totally different that a normal virus. Something for sure is making it act strangely.

I was feeling good about the recent Pulaski County numbers. We were averaging 15 to 25 a day. Stores are open and you can go anywhere and do anything. I can play tennis indoors again. Then on Thursday we had 50 plus and 84 yesterday. I am sure the increased numbers are due to protests and people refusing to wear masks, as you said. Protests were the last thing we needed to control the virus.

Now I am bracing for even greater number from the Tulsa rally because many Arkansans were there. While protests were outdoors, mostly younger crowd, allowed for some social distancing and there were some masks, the Tulsa event was indoors, no social distancing, almost zero masks and older people.

It takes up to 14 days for symptoms to show up. So next seven days could be high. It should calm down after that.

I am angry without sports. You would think sports will restart in the most developed country before anywhere else. Pitiful.

Even worse is that those who have successfully convalesced are not likely to have neutralizing antibodies, that just sucks. Receptor binding antibodies maybe, but not neutralizing.

The really aggravating thing is how many partial answers there are but it is clear that anti inflammatory action will be beneficial and that has always been true especially in those who are young and die from their own immune response. We did get back up to 20 patients managed on ventilators one day last week at Vandy, but we have not been a hotspot epicenter like had been anticipated. Only the good Lord knows why that is, but I am grateful.

If heat had been effective then any animal (bat or human) that could mount a fever response would have mitigated the virus development. Bats can mount both hyperthermic and hypothermic responses, so if either heat or cold would have been the simple answer then we would have seen it in nature already. This disease is trending more SARS like all the time and gives new emphasis to novel.

I dont’ know any way but to put the cold hard facts out and it has to stay scientific, but it really sucks that the antibody response is so weak. I had expected more neutralizing antibody response and for that to become a provable mainstay therapeutic option. Not true:

Things that have helped some folks are H2 blockers, ACE inhibitors and anti inflammatory (dexamethasone is potent anti inflmm), but none are predictable and reliable.

Memorial day spike is just as expected with a lower mortality, so did the virus pick off the easy ones on the first wave? Eventually there will a discovered key to why or not some folks are more effected. Vaccine development is world wide and rapid. I get daily stuff from all over the U.S. sharing information about some specific aspect or treatment plan that has been tried from California to Mass, Minny to Florida and the info is getting overwhelming to put together. There is a huge danger to allowing mass assemblage and transmitting virus via asymptomatic vectors.

I am going to follow the recommedations of Scott Gottlieb over Fauci and certianly over any politician whoi uses this disease to try and win an election. Gottlieb gets it from all standpoints (most folks cannot tell if he is Dem or Repub) and made the statement last week that he would not send his kids to a regular school classroom or sproting event.

Mortality is truly about 5/1000. Which 5 of the next 1000 people you meet could that happen today because they got to cheer on their favorite team?

Tune your B cells up and do your part to stop the spread, testing is good and prevention is up to us. I get that a case can be made for whatever your agenda is based on the hodgepodge of facts that have been accumulated, but don’t act out of outlier facts. Rather, get the gestalt and put up with the inconvenience needed to control this damn thing.

A summary of antibodies and what they mean to SARS-CoVid

we are one of the hospitals that will be involved in a randomized trial of a new vaccine, “starting soon”.

For some reason that excites me. Like we finally have a chance to “fight back”. I wish I could punch this corona virus in it’s gonads, but this will have to do.

Human immune responses to corona viruses in the past 20 years have been VERY varied, sometimes having infection provides no future immunity at all, sometimes prior infection gives some immunity to future infections, and sometimes a very nice future immunity. So vaccines would have the same very varied response.

Like everything else about Covid, we have no idea how our immune response/vaccine response is going to be, but at least we are starting to get in position to TRY to fight back.



Thanks for the info, holdenhogfield.

Best news I heard for a long time.

We have been using vaccines as part of multiinstitution studies at Vandy for awhile (we even did HIV vaccine trial) and the results are actually promisisng. Since there is money to be made from development then this track should go full speed ahead. Israel and Hong Kong are ahead of us in human vaccine use.

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Seems like some are promoting a paradox. “The heat doesn’t kill it”, but “things will get much worse in the winter”.

If this is a “super virus” that doesn’t obey normal “virus rules”, then why do routine hygiene measures so readily kill it?

very alcohol susceptible protein binding spikes, as you know alcohol is a dessicant by mechanism of action. I got so much from UCSF about how to treat and how to ventilate successfully that I have sort of filtered their emails. Lots known but nothing universally successfulf. There is no paradox to heat does not kill but winter will be worse, it is not just the virus but the health of the target host that changes seasonally

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