The first domino? Morehouse cancels Football for 2020

Little birdie told me that Tulsa is about to cancel as well. Location of the campus is in the heart of where a lot of Covid 19 cases are in the city.

If we’re starting to see several schools do it, there indeed may be a domino effect. It’s only June & the virus has started getting much worse. It’s really bad in Houston. Three schools in the Houston area could easily be affected: Rice, UH, TAMU. Miami is a hotspot so the U could be one, too.

And let’s face it, the UA is in a hotspot. We will probably know within 2-3 weeks if it’s hitting campus & the football team.

Texas A&M isn’t closing down unless the SEC closes down. Half the team can get COVID 19 and they’ll still play. They’re expected to do really well, so it’s not happening there.

If enough of their team gets covid, they’re not likely to do well even if they continue to play.

Don’t worry. The heat is going to kill the virus

Yep. It’s just not quite warm enough in Tucson & Phoenix yet. Once the temps reach 120, it’ll be gone.

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That strategy might finally get them to the SECC game this year…if everyone else forfeits.


Yeah at this point in time I’m definitely wrong about my heat/Humidity prediction and have no problem owning up to it, but would make the same prediction 100/100 times because that’s what exactly has happened to the others and many medical experts we’re expecting the virus slow down because of it, but the others haven’t had thousands and thousands of people protesting and taking it to all parts of the country. We will see as the summer goes on if it eventually slows it down,if not we will know this is just a totally different animal for whatever reason and we’ll have to deal with it accordingly.

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Don’t worry, the SEC cares more about money than the virus.

The heat is definitely killing the virus btw. Why do you think we are allowed out in public?

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You aren’t wrong. The heat is why you don’t have the covid. Unfortunately you and the rest of us will get it this winter.

Well I have to admit I am blown away by the incredibly high number of cases we’re having here in Mississippi the last week or so,Just hard to explain.granted we have not gotten into the brutally hot temperatures we normally will see later on but it’s been around 90 every day in June with a pretty high dose of humidity(enough that my shirt is totally drenched from top to bottom by 8:30 in the morning from my workout). Time will tell but I have been amazed that we haven’t seen a drop off to this point… it is a very strange disease to say the least.

Its not acting natural because it is not a natural disease. It was engineered in a lab. No doubt what so ever in my mind about that. The whole bat story is BS, the actual bat population that carried that strain is not even found within 200 miles of Wuhan. It came from poor protocols with the bats in the lab, where they were playing around with the various strains of covid viruses.

With carelessness of our young population and defiance of health guidelines by people who should know better, I have lost hope for college sports for the coming academic year.

I don’t want to blame the leadership at the top for sending wrong messages. When it comes to health, people should know better. It is their own freaking health and people they are close to that they are playing with.


Drop off? Yea right. But not exponential. That’s the key. It will be exponential again in winter. One could argue that steady is a drop off from exponential. I think this winter will be the worst yet. People just dont take it seriously. Add an election year in and December will be brutal. Brutal.

I have several friends and family members that have gotten this recently. They are hardly sick at all. I had a couple of friends from Tulsa get it a couple of months ago and they were really sick. Strange


Some thoughts from a guy who treats Covid daily…

First of all, I have no solid facts to state, which is very un-2020, but this virus is just constantly 2 steps ahead of us. or more.

I’m not sure how I feel about the rising number of cases. When a new pathogen meets a naive population, it is going to run its course. Some people are very susceptible, some people are very resistant. so round 1, so to speak, will weed out the most susceptible, they will get it the most and die the most.

after round 1, the people who survive are less likely to have it, less likely to be symptomatic, and less likely to die.

We are in round 1 right now. Europe had their round 1 before us, and they are much better off right now than we are. NY and NJ had a horrible, time, but now are much better. the rest of this continent is now going through round 1, and we are testing WAAAAAAAY more common now than 3 months ago. so we have lots more positives, a lot of whom are asymptomatic.

So at Baptist we have had 8-30 covid patients a day since mid-March. were dropping down to the 8’s until 2 weeks ago, now 25 the past 2 Mondays. Same at St vincents, from talking to good friends there. Neither hospital is remotely stressed, just “business as usual”. our county has WAAAAY more positives, but lots of those are worried people who"want to be tested" for whatever reason, but are but are not sick. NW AR is having their turn now, exacerbated by a couple of distinct communities, but their hospitals are not overwhelmed, and we have had zero transfers from overwhelmed hospitals.

So our current “rise in numbers” is likely multifactorial. clearly, we are testing WAAAAY more people than 3 months ago. also we had all the protests, literally thousands of people gathered together with very few masks (and lot of broken windows, looting, etc. the BankOZK building downtown is still boarded up). and we have had Home Depot, Walmart, etc with no masks for weeks, I really think most of our state has ignored this pandemic. But we are doing fine.

Look at Sweden’s response and their subsequent numbers. to summarize, they should have been much more careful with nursing home patients, but otherwise they were brilliant to ignore Covid.

So are we better off with a few thousand infected now and every hospital a little busier but not nearly overwhelmed? or are we better off with everyone living in a cave now, completely ruining our economy even more, and having many thousands more unexposed people when this fall comes, when viruses historically run the world?

I don’t know, but I’m not paralyzed by fear now. seems that we are doing fine now, even with Home Depot, college football and everything else.

And another thought-do you think that college athletes are better served in their homes, with no medical attention, or on a campus with constant observation? with doctors readily available to them, with immediate diagnosis with symptoms and immediate quarantine if they test positive? I do not buy the “poor athletes are guinea pigs” narrative.

Just my .02. God bless.



Thank you so much for all you have done and will do I know it’s been an extreme challenge.

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