The Field

There were 7 good teams here. I think right now AZ was the class. Then you could throw a blanket over the next 3.

Sitting at OGG getting ready to fly home tonight. A great trip! Good to see everyone here


Enjoyed it Jim and Pam. Hope to see you in Fayetteville next year

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Safe travels home … great spending time with y’all !!


I’m gonna disagree. I think if Creighton or AR played AZ with fresh legs, both would have won. Luck of the draw on AZ’s part. Now, I do think AZ is a Top 10 team, but I think Creighton with fresh legs is better. And we all know we were short a player.

And have a safe trip.

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Arizona didn’t have fresh legs either. IMO Arizona was the best team in Maui. The point guard is nasty!

Their legs were fresher than Creighton’s or ours. SDSU didn’t give them much of a challenge, and us and Creighton had a barn burner. If us or Creighton would have played them on the 2nd night, either would have won.

AZ just got a luckier draw (although we did play Loserville the first night).

Yep. No way to say for sure. I know The Hogs had heavy legs and I think Creighton did as well. You could see it in how both teams shot . Putting Johnson with fresh legs made a big difference. Miss may know what he is doing.


Safe travels guys and gals. My wife just found out that we played in Maui. She not happy I didn’t join y’all. I imagine next trip like that well be there.

Playing Arizona in this tournament would have been tough. Give Muss the extra prep time he’d have in the NCAAs, and that would have been much more favorable.

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Depends on whether we got them on a Thursday or Saturday. Thursday, he’d have time to prepare. Saturday, not so much.

I thought Zona had the best big man and better perimeter players. They just looked solid up and down the lineup. I put Arkansas ahead of Creighton.

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Lloyd has done a great job tapping into the international hoops market. I would love to see Muss do the same.

The way they’ve done it in the past as I understand it is that a staff member or two is assigned to do the preliminary scout on both possible opponents in the next round, which gives you the low-down on each player’s strengths and weaknesses, and a nice scout on their offensive and defensive tendencies. They then take the personal observations and video from the tournament game and fold the info gained into the prep/game plan. That pre-arrival prep and extra day to put the plan in makes a big difference vs. what you had in this early season tournament.

That’s possible, but as I said, they weren’t tested until late vs Creighton. If Creighton or Arkansas had played them in the 2nd game instead of each other, I believe Zona loses. Now, if they’d have won a game against Creighton or AR in game 2, and played the other in game 3, Creighton or AR would have won the tourney.

It’s just like March Madness, it’s all about the draw.

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After the end of day 1, I thought it was clear that AZ was the worst of the 4 winners. They gave up 93 points and won by 8 against Cincinnati in that first game. The next day OH St annihilated Cincy. I’ll admit, in the next 2 games, AZ cleaned up their defense and looked like a very good team. At the end of the tournament, I’d call it pretty much a draw between Hogs, Creighton, and AZ.

The thing I like best is we are the only team of the 3 who didn’t have their best player on the floor. At the end of the season, I’d look forward to meeting AZ in the final four or the Championship game.

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These tournaments tend to give credit for wins due to the tight schedule that takes a somewhat unfavorable toll due to disparity in matchups. No doubt Zona will receive a boost by winning while Arkansas and Creighton had a nice pre holiday trip with little long term value beyond the game experience.

Oh there was plenty of value for especially this team having played in this thing. Maybe it will not help a lot in tourney draw, etc, but that is so far away. The team will be much harder to beat after this.

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Oh I think there will be value in playing Creighton close, without Nick, and beating SDS.

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I suppose my comment needs clarification. The number of holiday games along with the almost constant game coverage limits the national attention given any individual team unless you happen to win out. I don’t believe losing a game is going hurt a team nor do I believe the Razorbacks’ loss will have in long term effect. So far as the experience for team playing three games against good competition, no doubt that will have lasting benefit.

I’m not talking about national attention. I’m talking about what the committee will be looking at in that Indianapolis hotel in March. We’ll be safely in the field unless something goes terribly wrong, but what happened this week could absolutely affect our seeding, especially as compared to teams that haven’t played strong nonconference competition.

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