The feeding frenzy of negativity over the aggressive call to --------

-------------- go for it early in the game on 4th and goal needs to stop. Claiming that is an example of bad coaching is idiotic. Going for it on 4th down is common all over college football with analytic zealots claiming it is statistically the right call most of the time. It was early and even all of the “legends in their own minds” armchair experts would agree at that time that Arkansas need TD’s not FG’s to beat LSU. It is not so simple that those 3 points would have been all we needed to be in a tie at the end of the game. Kick that field goal and the game changes. It does not run out exactly the same. Kelly’s game plan was to take no chances throwing the ball, absorb the sacks, and rely on his defense to hold down our offense missing its leader and best QB. It worked. Arkansas played hard and did about as well as you could expect with its injuries and lack of depth. Sams recruiting is on the upswing and he deserves our support, not lame attacks.


Well I assume you are talking about me when you say “legend in their own mind armchair experts” crap because I definitely said we needed TD and not FG because there’s no way in this world we would have ever known at that time we were going to hold LSU the 13 points on the day.
I think it was definitely the right decision to try to get a touchdown there, now the play calling for the touchdown that’s a totally different subject.
In looking at the fourth down play on tape if Hornsby throws the ball very quickly he has Henry open at the goal line for the touchdown, he looks like he’s looking at him but he just doesn’t throw it and it ended up costing him

Kelly’s game plan didn’t start out the way it ended.He wanted to do like they have been doing but when we sacked Daniels five times in the first half he saw that they were not able to block us and he did not trust Daniels to try to make decisions trying to throw it into tight coverages so they decided to run the ball and I don’t blame them because we’re not that great against the Run either



We can’t talk about our QB, our backup QB, Now not the coaches. Talking about going for it on 4th down, breathing & yelling MUST stop now. Everybody get off your phones, keyboards, whatever now! Go home and do not pass go and collect 200! Ya got that?

Wait why even be on HI at all :crazy_face:? Get rid of it too, Now… :rofl: :grinning:


The call in the second half near midfield is the one I really had a problem with.

Why, given Malik’s struggles, did we not punt and rely on your defense that was playing so well? We gifted them a TD.

Horrible in game decision given the flow of the game.


I totally agree with you there that was not a good decision at midfield with the way we were playing on offense


Repeated same mistake he made against Liberty. Both led to winning TDs…
UA…Campus of Champions


I’d be shocked if any coach in any game always made the right call, but it’s the continuous harping on them that gets old. It inevitably leads to unnecessary dissatisfaction with the coaches and then to “fire the [pick a coach]”

Crying and bitching is part of sports. I get that. But in a sport where recruiting is so important, groundswells of dissatisfaction hurt the program. If we flipped the last two season’s records, we’d all be talking about how we’re taking another step forward. None of us would’ve expected to improve this year if you told us KJ would miss at least 2 games and be obviously hurt in 2 others.

I still see an improving program. Credit to that belongs to Sam Pittman. This is the best shape we’ve been in since 1998-1999. Even with the great seasons of 2010-2012, we were flirting with coming disaster because of the coach’s lack of character and bullying personality.

I can’t prove what’s going to happen over the next few years, but I know we have a coach who genuinely connects to players and seems to get the most from them. That bodes well. He’s an experienced coach even if he spent most of it as a position coach. He wants to be here.

I understand the reluctance to believe we’re still on the right track. Losses create that mindset. But there is no evidence to say this coach or this staff has maxed out. As Razorback fans we’ve grown accustomed to finishing back in the SEC, so when it happens it’s understandable to think it’s the coaches’ fault and they can’t get us better. But it’s not backed up by objective evidence. If we go 2-3 more seasons of .500 football, maybe so, but that’s not what’s happened.


Great post, Chip.

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It depends on how this season and next season play out on whether or not there is a 5th year.

Really need to get bowl eligible.

Coaches don’t get as long a leash as they used to.

Very few coaches have taken over a moribund football program like the Razorback program was when Sam took over. We were considered the worst FBS football program in the country when Sam took over.

Unless we lose our next 2 games AND revert to the 2018 season next year, Sam will get 5 years. And he should. We asked him to bring back a football program that was in the very depths of hell.


Speaking of lame

My comment about not getting a 5th year is based on the assumption we lose they next two (by the way I don’t think we will if KK can play) and a 6-6 or worse season next season.

I feel strongly Hunter would make a move or Sam will decide to retire.

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Amen, Neastarkie. I hope everybody reads that.

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There is no doubt that coaches go for it on 4th down far more than they used to, and it isn’t unusual at at all to see them go for it in their own territory. However, there is a big difference in going for it when your Offense is playing well, and when your Offense is struggling. I like Sam. I don’t want to fire Sam. I do however, hope that Sam learns from his mistakes. These decisions were costly. There is no way to sugarcoat that.


I concur. Great post.

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Well I disagree with both calls and thought they were coaching mistakes. Backup qb, 4th and 4. Close game. I don’t care what these new statistics say. Kiffin is rueing some of his 4 th down calls also. Maybe you do it if your down by a bunch or ahead by a bunch. But early in a tight game you take points. The other Call, geez. I think both calls show the inexperience of Pittman as a head coach.

And we lost by how many? I think it was 3. A field goal



20/20 hindsight though

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I was all for going for it on 4th down early in the game. We would have been up 10-0 and with great momentum

If we kicked the field goal and ended up losing by 1-4 points those same fans complaining about going for it would have been all over Sam for not going for 7

We are all great coaches after the game is over.


Ridiculous post.

You seriously think Brian Kelly wanted to absorb QB sacks?? You think all those drop backs were just to take a sack and not throw the ball? You think his attempt at a fake punt in his own territory was being conservative? Wow. My idea of conservative and yours are obviously different.

My opinion is you shouldn’t go for 4th and goal from the 3-4 yard line that early in the game, after you just lost a couple yards on 3rd down, with your backup QB whom has done nothing, a online that hasn’t h played good as of late, etc. There is a time and place to take those chances. That wasn’t one of them.

I’m not saying the game would have played out the same but I can almost assure you it would have been 6-0 and the Hogs would have maintained momentum. To get a turn over inside the other teams 15 and come away with zero points is a momentum killer!


CSP has made enough questionable calls the past couple of years to deserve some criticism. I had hoped after the Auburn game he had learned. He acknowledged pressing in that situation and even said his takeaway was to be more conservative and force the other team to make some mistakes. He didn’t do that yesterday.

Our play calling inside the 20 outright sux! It’s very predictable. We’re 78th in red zone efficiency vs. FBS teams.

CSP finds himself in a situation many head coaches who are rebuilding in year 3 find themselves. Does he adjust or dig in? We’ll see.