The FBI investigation moving forward

Ruh roh. Kansas now named. Maybe little Billy Self ain’t so squeaky clean.

It says that none of the KU coaches were involved directly, but that’s a smokescreen. But every major team is paying. Trust me.

Just imagine if they did this investigation into college football…

How Pearl at Auburn is still allowed to coach is beyond me.

I have to think they are finding cross over data to lead them to other sports at some schools. A school like AU has some boosters that are well known for paying to create Champs for multiple sports programs. AU football, basketball, and baseball have had help from some of the same boosters during the Lowder years. If they track basketball money at AU it will also be to the some of the same boosters paying for football and baseball.

I don’t think the dynamics are the same in football. Are football recruits bought? Sure they are. Are shoe companies involved in the purchases? I doubt it. Shoe companies like basketball because kids bought/will buy Air Jordans and LeBron 15s and wear them to school (and some even hoop in them). You can’t wear football cleats to school. Yes, some football players have shoe deals, but not nearly as prominent.

Auburn won’t do anything to Pearl!

Many folks around here said the same thing about UT (and he did a lot more for the vols than he has for AU). Of course, shortly thereafter the AD that fired him was fired.

The dynamics may be different with shoe companies and football but each school has an assistant and dirty booster that work together in Football, Basketball or Baseball. The Dirty Booster is where the common litigation point lies and if the FBI gets a shoe guy dealing with an assistant that is working with a booster as well then it ties up nicely.

It’s theoretically possible, sure. But in football the Dirty Boosters tend to take care of things themselves, probably because they care more about football (and bragging rights at the country club) than they do hoops. Didn’t need to get Under Armour involved for Auburn to buy $cam Newton, and the numbers quoted there were more than Adidas paid Brian Bowen to go to Louisville.

It will be interesting to see who wins the National Championship for the FBI scandal… early seeds include Kansas, Duke, Kentucky, Florida, Auburn… Louisville, however, is the preseason favorite.

What I mean is that the boosters cross into other sports and may be throwing money around in Basketball to insure a player gets incentive beyond the shoe money. The cross over would tie up nicely.