The FBI Bribery Scandal

Was just wondering what brand of shoes the football teams are wearing ???
Looks like this could bleed over into the football programs also … for Auburn,
Oklahoma state,Arizona, Louisville and USC…if you’re bribing the basketball program why not football too ??

Because basketball is (a) a lot dirtier (b) easier to get away with stuff because of the summer AAU circuit and © one player has a much bigger impact in hoops than in football. I know there’s the occasional exception ($cam Newton cough cough) but one player won’t win you a football championship. In hoops he might.

Like ours, most schools’ shoe contracts cover all sports. Petrino’s team wears Adidas, as the Louisville hoops team does. A lot of the bribery in the indictment is handlers (agents, financial advisers, etc.) bribing the assistant coaches to steer NBA prospects their way.

I would add that it is a lot easier to spot a sure-fire pro on the ground floor in basketball than football. You can spot basketball lottery picks when they are 16 and 17. A lot of variables make it to where that isn’t the case with football.

Agree. The Brand was identified as a one-and-done guy two or three years before he started grazing on bluegrass. LeBron James was identified as a straight-to-NBA guy at an even earlier age.

This is going to reach far beyond Basketball. Pitino and Jurich are out at Louisville. AU and Gus are crooked and can’t imagine this BB stuff doesn’t reach football. The FBI is focused on Adidas pay for play but Nike hasn’t been exposed YET.

Neither has Under Armour. Auburn is a UA school. So is South Carolina. Arizona, USC and Okie Light are Nike schools. I’m guessing they’re really nervous in Beaverton and Baltimore right now.