The failed trick play pretty much explains why Hicks was the starter---

----for those who think the staff is just blind to Starkel’s greater talent.

Starkel got confused and threw the pass to the wrong side of the formation. Could that be an example of “not knowing the offense well enough just yet” that might be a good reason for Hicks to be the starter?

It was a very good play call. Behind Starkel’s back as he threw to Woods, Treylon Burks, former high school quarterback, had blockers in front of him like he was going to catch and run a screen pass, and O’Grady was open and looking to Treylon for the pass. Very likely TD play which, instead, lost 14 yards. They have got to get that fixed but, apparently, that just takes time.

That’s absolutely why Hicks was starting, and you’re correct, I also believe that was a guaranteed TD, and a good play call.

BUT, I don’t think the team was really moving forward with Hicks at QB, when Starkel came in, the team seemed to pick it up. I think you have to let Starkel play, to me he seems to be the better talent and if you’re playing other youngsters for experience, let him get it as well. Only way for us to improve, but that’s just my opinion

I agree. You HAVE to play Starkel just like you HAVE to play Burks. They will learn, get better, and we need their talent on the field.

I had not previously learned of this, but it makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is all the strange play calling (like this one) for a team that has demonstrated that it executes poorly, as routine. The coaches need to simplify the play calling, especially for Starkel, and allow the team to learn through growth in confidence rather than continued failures.

This team desperately needed a TD and I think would have had one if Burks got the pass instead of Woods. JMVVVVHO

But should you choose the starting QB based on the fact he’ll lateral to the correct guy that will then make the TD pass?

If your QB is talented enough to make the throws necessary, you don’t have to lean on the trick plays.

This is the quandary for Arkansas: Do you play the QB that is going to keep you out of some bad situations but doesn’t move the ball well, or the one that is going to make some mistakes but has a lot more raw ability?

The ineligible receiver downfield penalty was partly on Starkel, too. He has to see that the formation isn’t right and get the receiver set correctly before the snap. After the Portland State game Morris praised Hicks’ ability to make the pre-snap adjustments.

If your quarterback AND your offensive line are talented enough you might not need a trick play occasionally but that ain’t us right now. JMVVVVVVHO

I wrote of this after the game. It was mentioned in the post-game media conference. Some picked up on it. Some did not.

There had been no pre-snap penalties with Hicks on the field. So that was something he did right. With Starkel there were several, but I it’s clear that they are going to need Starkel’s arm and quick throw potential. He did get the ball out of his hands.

Seems pretty clear that they need to go with Starkel. There were some drops with Hicks but the completion percentage isn’t close between the two. Starkel got the ball to Knox a couple of times before Knox was ready, but I am guessing that Knox will turn a little quicker going forward and catch those.

Ideally, you’d run the ball better and open up the pass. But this team probably needs the pass to open up the run.

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We seemed to move the ball a bit better with Starkel in the game, but even at that our offense only found the end zone one time, and not until the fourth quarter.

This team has many problems. The QB position continues to be one of them.

In the SEC the better talent has to be on the field period. It always happens but the fear of mistakes and fine line to winning or losing is often why coaches hesitate as it affects the other 10 players and rest of team. Morris is doing what Nutt did with McFadden and Jones until he had to play them because the alternative was worse. Not playing them against Vandy was pure dumb after they go they chance to show what they could do. I suspect they showed it in practice too