The epitome of WTH?

JT Daniels tranfsferring to Rice for his 4th qB stop… Why and this is portal run wild. Glad we got Criswell and no more qB interests apparently in portal.

Ex-West Virginia QB JT Daniels transferring to Rice - ABC News.

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Going to be hard to keep QB for four years and develop as they all want to play now.

JT was their starter…crazy he is leaving again!!!

He has been going to school 4 years and has 10 transferable hours. Higher education has become a joke to the NCAA. He will graduate and get his first Social Security check the same day. :smile:


Sad. Really sad.


Reminds me of the old western tv show. Have Gun will Travel —wire $ to San Fransciso. Gun for hire at a price.

Sad yes, but Bessie, the old milk cow keeps evolving another teat for some other stray mouth wandering by to feed…pretty soon the old cow will be nothing more than a huge udder no longer recognized as Bessie…Do you think we will know the college game after a few more evolvements from this unregulated flow of corruption…as with Bessie, a little focused attention by a regulated NILs for the uncompensated players is quite different than an “udder” explosion of change.

Oh well, I should drink my milk while waiting for the 1 PM tip off inn San Deigo…WPS!!

It’s all good for JT. He’s got 6 years to play at 5 different schools. A rolling quarterback gathers no moss.

Is the portal unlimited transfers without penalty? I thought it was one free transfer then after that have to sit out a year for each transfer.

Which is why i chuckle everytime i hear the term “student athlete” especially related to the revenue producing sports

Not saying this isn’t true, but how do you know this?

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