The epitome of silly season

and now it is even more compressed and impactful due to time constraints. Which SEC job will get the most welcome interest? Arkansas, OM or Mizzou? Texas fired both coordinators and more chopping block material is being readied, truly crazy. Mehringer was top recruiter in Big 12 and Orlando was #5.

Fan apathy run wild especially at the programs now looking for a leader in the wilderness or desert however you prefer to look at it. I’m gonna blame Trump for climate change.

HY is cool, so the social media esp Twitter is probably more reflective of where our interests and motivation to hire or fire lay currently.

Tom Herman is just making desperation fires. He will be gone after next season. Todd Orlando is a great DC and would be a great addition here.

He is going down same path as Charlie Strong–both good coaches and able to get talent but cannot make that talent play at level of expectations of admn and fanbase.

I want chaos at Texas. It’s all good in my eyes. They will have turmoil next year with lots of change to confuse the players. Seen that. Tough on 18-20 year old minds. I’m told it takes two years to soak in a new system. They keep talking about Texas not as tough as in the past. That’s a big stage and it can gobble up lots of good coaches.

I wonder if there will be changes at Texas A&M. Two years in, Jimbo is still trying to figure it out, too.


Sat. night I asked a couple of my Aggie friends if that is what 75 mil buys you. You can only guess the response!

I told them we did better than that against them for a whole lot less $ and we gave up big time football years ago. they loved that as well.